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mistermsk 06 August 2019 20:48

Getting color back to icons
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Hi all,

Recently installed a new 3.1.4 installation with the patch. I have add some other software but noticed that the icon colors are not there. It is like the icons do not have a good color depth. I installed a new icon.library file from aminet (IconLib_46.4.lha) (020x) to see if that would help and it did not.

Any help and I would appreciated.

Here is some of images from it.


thomas 06 August 2019 21:34

The screenshots show the standard icons as they come with WB 3.1 and 3.1.4. There is nothing wrong here.

If you had other colorful icons before, they have been replaced by the standard ones by the installation.

There are however some nice colorful icons included with 3.1.4. If you insert the Storage3.1.4 disk into DF0 and enter this command:

copy df0:glowicons sys: all

they will be copied to the harddrive and replace the standard 4-color icons.

mistermsk 06 August 2019 21:58

Thank you so much, Thomas. The last time I installed 3.1.4 I followed an online guide that had me do that at beginning and that I forgot that step. Yep! That is what it was. Thank you soo much! I kept thinking it was a setting.

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