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A-500 Plus 16 December 2018 23:09

Battery replacement
So I recently purchased a flat battery to replace the barrel battery that had started to corrode on the one side in my 500+... here is my first mistake rather than desoldering the old battery I just wiggled it and snapped it off leaving the pins in the board which I have seen other people do and then desolder the pins out later. Which was fine on the one pin applied heat came pretty much straight out, however on the pin that had the corrosion I’ve tried to do the same thing and it won’t budge how can I get it to loosen up? I’ve tried adding solder to it and heating on both sides with extra solder and it still won’t come lose...

Any help or advise would be great



darefail 17 December 2018 19:29

No idea but if you don't manage to desolder it, just solder the battery holder without removing the pin.
If you want it to be aligned, shorten a little the pin of the battery holder.
Because of the corrosion, before doing this, just check if there's a continuity from the positive of the battery to the R913 or from the negative to the negative of C913.
Depends on the pin you have problem with.

A-500 Plus 18 December 2018 01:01

Thanks for the reply I’ll give it a go soldering on top of the old pin I just don’t really want to have to solder from the front on the board which is the only way I can do it presently

A-500 Plus 18 December 2018 17:02

Anyone in the Birmingham area that would be willing to do it for me?

indigolemon 18 December 2018 21:07


Originally Posted by A-500 Plus (Post 1291521)
Anyone in the Birmingham area that would be willing to do it for me?

PM solidcore man, I'm pretty sure he'd be up for helping and he has experience with the 500+ :)

A-500 Plus 22 December 2018 15:55

Thanks for the info came round and did it for me today all up and running now thanks for all the help!

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