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desiv 23 September 2018 06:17

3D printed mouse door..
I've had this mouse for a while that I picked up in a collection of items and the cover/door that holds the mouse ball was missing.
So in the drawer of parts it went...

Well, just recently I was looking around stuff and found it and thought, "Hey, I now have a 3D Printer, I wonder if.."
..and off I was to Tinkercad (Yeah, I know. It's my level. )

So after a bit of doodling:

(Having trouble getting the image to show, so that link might work...)

Now, you might wonder why I printed it in black....
Do I only have black filament? Of course not. I have many colors.
But I have found that the color I find I need is almost always the color that I currently have loaded. ;-)

It's not perfect (It is Tinkercad, and I am not great with 3D design), but I was surprised that it worked first time.


deimos 23 September 2018 13:58

+1 for black. I’ve printed 5 or 6 of these https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2952117 trying to get a good colour match, including two attempts at colour matching paint. In the end I’ve settled on transparent ABS as the least worst option.

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