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Lorfarius 07 September 2018 13:38

HOL, AMR + Other abime.net sites down?
Been trying to get on for a bit and get the following:

HOL could not connect to his database, please try again later.

Lorfarius 07 September 2018 13:39

And... it's back:crazy

malko 11 November 2018 12:15

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Same right now (for ~1/2 hour already).
Is there any maintenance ?

lilalurl 11 November 2018 13:49

It should be back (refresh your browser cache if need be). Not sure what exactly happened.

malko 11 November 2018 14:06

back it is indeed :agree

malko 15 November 2018 15:53

Today, it's worse. Firefox returns :


Impossible de se connecter au serveur à l’adresse hol.abime.net
(Unable to connect to the server at hol.abime.net)

Any idea?

DH 15 November 2018 19:13

There's others that appear to be down, AMR, HOL and connection to the old portal too.

I did notice 2 error lines whilst visiting Amiga Lore, however they disappeared too quickly for me to see what they were and I can't replicate it now.

There's definitely something amiss somewhere.

teasea 15 November 2018 19:34

AMR down at the moment?
I've been getting "server not found" all afternoon. Is this just some site maintenance or...?

DH 15 November 2018 20:37

@ teasea

Moved here as HOL is having the same problems as I suspect they're linked, so I've made an amendment to the title of the thread to reflect this, as there's no single generic abime.net forum to merge these posts into. I've simply done this to keep these posts all in one place.

malko 15 November 2018 21:38

hol is working again.
Anybody to explain what happened ?

DH 15 November 2018 21:56

Only RCK can explain what's happening malko, I don't think anyone else has access to these new servers.

Retroplay 26 November 2018 00:10

HOL seems to be AWOL again.

Lorfarius 26 November 2018 11:42

Sites down?
Just been to check on Hall of Light and Amiga Magazine Rack but both have been refusing to load for a couple of days. Are they down or is it just me? :nuts

Retroplay 26 November 2018 12:28

Both are back up now.

Lorfarius 26 November 2018 12:32

Is there not some sort of Twitter account for them? One to quickly notify them if there's an issue?

DamienD 26 November 2018 13:15

You could always sent RCK an e-mail as he's the only person that fix this: Send a message via email to RCK

Lorfarius 26 November 2018 13:18


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1287289)
You could always sent RCK and e-mail as he's the only person that fix this: Send a message via email to RCK

Cheers... I'm buggered if those sites go down. Use them for loads of show research :laughing

RCK 07 December 2018 00:36

AMR, HOL and old portal are still on the old server, who crash every month :)
So, until I found the time to update them from apache to nginx, I won't be able to move them on the new EAB's server, much more stable.

malko 07 December 2018 00:42

Thanks for the reply :great

malko 25 April 2019 00:11

HOL seems down. Anyone to reboot it ? ;)

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