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trixster 23 October 2016 21:26

Right, so I've installed cyberbugfix on my 3.1 system, I followed the instructions in the readme but it appears to do nothing, much like cgx-AGA.

Despite what the readme suggests they do, I'm still struggling to grasp their purpose. I'm not seeing any chip ram savings when opening large folders full of files whilst viewing them as Name. Chip mem is still being used up rather than fast mem.

Is this an os3.9 only hack? I'm doubtful about wasting time trying it on my os3.9 a4000.

Retrofan 23 October 2016 21:35

If you have it working then if you open the Screenmode prefs you will see they are now named as CGX... for example CGXPAL: High Res Laced

If not, it isn't installed. I don't remember if it needs OS3.9 but I suposse it does.

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