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Bloodwych 27 January 2011 13:14

Good idea daxb, but people may get paranoid! :laughing Posting question after question. Plus I bet most of them never get fixed. I will look into it however. :)

Frog 27 January 2011 13:46


Originally Posted by Bloodwych (Post 732550)
I'm aware you use Scalos Frog - but is it as a full Workbench replacement? And what version of Scalos do you use? What version of Workbench do you use?

This is using Scalos 1.2d as a full Workbench replacement in Workbench 3.0 using FBlit and the 4.6 Newicons lib (tried HE, ME and LE versions).

It's not so strange considering all the different things you can do to a Workbench install. No two Workbenches are exactly the same! If you don't mind, can you post your Startup-Sequence? I may then be able to figure it out. It may also be a factor of running in WinUAE.

EDIT: Tried on a patch free startup-sequence and the NewIcons still disappear on a Scalos replacement Workbench window running in WinUAE.

Well i used Scalos 1.2d as a full workbench replacement in Workbench 3.0
AFAIR Scalos use his own library/datatypes to handle newicons.

Unfortunately my miggy's HD crash long time ago (i was so dissapointed to lost all my WHD Games a lot of things i never bought another and i stop to use my miggy) so i can't show you my start-up sequence.
I must have a backup on a CD somewhere, if you really want it i can investigate to find it.

Bloodwych 27 January 2011 13:56

It's ok Frog, I don't want to trouble you. Yes, it does use it's own icon.library you're right - I was just testing if calling the Newicons patch made a difference as I'd ran out of ideas.

Anyway, I know you've had it working so I'll try a few different things. Such a shame you lost that awesome setup! You should get it up and running again in emulation.

StingRay 27 January 2011 15:04


Originally Posted by daxb (Post 732556)
I just wonder nobody else has noticed or mentioned the bug. Maybe some debugging tools like enforcer/muforce/sashimi/... should be added to the very popular "all-in-one WB install archives" available?

I don't think this is a good idea since these tools are meant for coders in the first place. Besides, there are situations where Enforcer hits can't be avoided, it doesn't automatically mean that this is a bug.

Frog 27 January 2011 17:42


Originally Posted by Bloodwych (Post 732576)
It's ok Frog, I don't want to trouble you. Yes, it does use it's own icon.library you're right - I was just testing if calling the Newicons patch made a difference as I'd ran out of ideas.

Anyway, I know you've had it working so I'll try a few different things. Such a shame you lost that awesome setup! You should get it up and running again in emulation.

In fact i also add by mixing new scalos datatypes under Scalos 1.2d + adding OS3.5 icon library using BlizKick to handle OS3.5 icon under Scalos 1.2d and Workbench 3.0. Then i setup a fixed 64 colors palette (romicon+magicwb+basic Matt Chaput palette) : RomIcon, MagicWB, Newicon and OS3.5 icon.
Yes a shame i lost motivation after that crash. I'd need some time to try to restore from a CD my old A1200 setup under WinUAE.
ATM i used your nice ClassicWB under WinUAE as it fit all my need ;)

daxb 27 January 2011 21:09


Originally Posted by StingRay (Post 732595)
I don't think this is a good idea since these tools are meant for coders in the first place. Besides, there are situations where Enforcer hits can't be avoided, it doesn't automatically mean that this is a bug.

In perfect situation I would totally agree. I meant the debug tools as optional option because of its kind of nature. Also for user there are some reasons using such tools. At least a mention would be good so everybody can decide himself. For me about 99% hits I got and reported (hundreds) were bugs. The most bugs are found and fixed then better for all. :)

NovaCoder 26 March 2011 12:12

Just found that 'CyberBugFix' seems to be incompatible with ScummVM AGA....not sure why (still looking). Anyone else had to disable this in ClassicWB 3.9 (latest version)?

Bloodwych 26 March 2011 12:15

Thanks for letting us know Novacoder. I better check it out to see if there are any other issues as I made Cyberbugfix enabled by default.

demolition 29 September 2013 01:04

I just installed ClassicWB 3.9, and was a little surprised as to how little chipmem I had when it was loaded. After playing around with it for a bit, I found that disabling CyberBugFix gave me back what I was missing. How can this be?
With CBF: 1,240,712 bytes chip
WO CBF: 1,636,232 bytes chip

Running HighGfx 1024x768 16 colors with full screen backdrop.

Retrofan 29 September 2013 01:46

How did you disable it?
Do you have got CyberbugFix in C?
What's the name of your screen mode in prefs/screenmode?

Edit: I've got here an "old" CWB39 without CBF and with SuperPlus, 800x600, 16C I have around 913,000 of chip ram only (edit, no, 1.289.000; I was using 64C).

demolition 29 September 2013 02:09

I'm disabling it by selecting 'disable' through the ClassicWB menus. I'm guessing it deletes the file from C and 'enable' puts it back.

As I wrote I'm using HighGFX Super High Res Laced.

Retrofan 29 September 2013 02:57

Yes, I see. To disable (I was asking just to avoid searching where it was) it is right click, Workbench, Settings, Components.
Disabling it here it changes (just an example, here I've got Mattahan icons, more demanding) from 1.524.032 to 532.256 of free chip mem using 256C with SuperPlus.

I ask about the screen mode just to know if it is "HighGFX" or "CGXHighGFX", when CyberbugFix is active.

Edit: Just thinking, cause I made the same kind of script to disable CyberbugFix on my AmiKit conversion, just deleting it from C. I didn't copy the idea, I just tried and later I saw it was the same on CWB -I didn't edit the script, just saw it has "If exists C:CyberbugFix", as I've got-.
It shoudn't be this way. When you configure CGX you change the options of FBlit and other things, so the best option to disable it would be to have a copy of the original settings to restore.

The result if you don't make that (I believe) is that you'll have less free mem disabling CGX that on a CWB without the option of CGX, and you know that to play NovaCoder's programs you need to disable CGX, but better to have the max of free mem also without the greatest patch ever.

Edit: LOL: "Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 19 (1 members and 18 guests)"

demolition 29 September 2013 03:38

Ok, that was the problem. It only said HIGHGFX. I was missing cgxsystem.library in libs:. Something must have gone wrong with the merge I did of my old installation. Now I have ~1651000 available with CBF enabled, so about 15kB more than I had before without CBF.

Also, graphics seem faster now, particularly noticable when moving AmiDock around.

Retrofan 08 October 2013 00:13

Ok today I've changed the scripts to disable/enable Cyberbugfix on my AmiKit version, and I've seen that Bloodwych made the same: To change also the FBlit config for disabled/enabled. Anyway I've seen that Birdie consumes a lot of chip to run right without CGX (or CBF I don't know how to abreviate it), so better in my case to disable also Birdie -Leaves the system with around 1Mb-; if you then quit Amidock you've got more than 1,500,000.

And... I've seen that Bloodwych doesn't use CyberbugFix at the monitors drivers. It's written at the instructions it must also be there. Well, the truth is that it doesn't seem necessary, BUT... just running for example WBStartup++ and the backgrounds of the icons aren't "transparent" (faked) when running without it there, but with grey background.

It is just the CyberBugFix on monitors that changes it, so it must also be there.

Mad-Matt 08 October 2013 00:38

CGX-AGA is the monitor driver which works great. Cyberbugfix is a CybergraphX patch which breaks more then it supposedly fixes. The only changes I've ever made to a default fblit config is those recommended for os35/39 icon support and this works great in conjunction with cgx-aga v3driver +cgx v4 libraries. (Official phase5 CgxV3 version, I don't know what the Aminet version is all about.)

Retrofan 08 October 2013 00:52

For what I've seen it comes with the CyberBugFixAga patch too (http://aminet.net/package/driver/video/CGX-AGA).
Do you say that you use it with copyrighted phase5 programs and/or with a graphic card?

Edit: Disabling CGX and just leaving CGX-AGA on monitors, it produces the same problems running Nova's programs.

Mad-Matt 08 October 2013 01:04

I just use it as an rtg driver for aga. It doesn't seem to depend on anything related to phase 5 as it works fine in uae. It was part of the CGXv3 distribution but dropped for v4 for whatever reason.

Retrofan 08 October 2013 01:20

Can you run AmiWolf? :)

Bloodwych 08 October 2013 01:44

I'm confused about that package on Aminet too: http://aminet.net/search?query=cgx-aga

Only released on Aminet the back end of 2011, well after this thread discussion started, so I never had access to the monitor driver CGX-AGA from the copyright CybergraphX package or its readme files. Sounds like you need it Retrofan or you loose transparency? I never included it as I never had access to it and also thought it was for Systems with RTG cards.

It doesn't help that the CyberBugfix package makes itself look like a monitor driver by placing itself in Devs/Monitors in its package, when in fact it is just a C executable patch as far as I can see?

I've never really understood what the CGX-AGA is actually meant to accomplish for native AGA displays without RTG cards. CGX-AGA seems like a replacement monitor driver for native Amiga displays with some nice features to save CHIPRAM - but does it require an RTG card and full CybergaphX package to be installed? Notes with CyberBugfix says it is a CGX-AGA companion to fix problems with this monitor driver and not for RTG display modes?

The package on Aminet has an example Startup-Sequence listing the order to execute the programs:

WBCtrl IMT:ICONFAST (OS35 only, OS39 has its own setting in Prefs)

This makes CGX-AGA look like a standard C executable as well to bring some RTG features to native AGA, therefore not a monitor driver to place in Devs/Monitors?

It's been years since I last looked at this and I'm probably being ignorant of the facts - so if anyone could clear it up I would be grateful. :great

All I know is I include CyberBugfix as an option in OS35/9 because it saves CHIPRAM, improves performance and fixes an odd bug with OS35 (browser icon trashing in AmiWeb, might be WinUAE specific but never been able to work it out). Also breaks SCUMMVM much to Novacoder's annoyance, so is a user selectable option during install.

Retrofan 08 October 2013 02:00

Well, everybody knows that running OS3.9 you have very few chip ram left, and it goes down very very easily opening whatever. For what I've seen there is no way to run Birdie, Amidock and others with what OS3.9 has (Boingbaing 2 even). Edit: That's why I commented about Scalos, it manages the chip like no other without patches.

Also the instructions about CyberBugFix aren't clear at all, and much less about how to integrate CGX-AGA and what it needs. I believe it isn't necessary at all, and Mad-Matt can't run AmiWolf with it... But I haven't tried it as an executable as you say.

I've got on monitors the same CyberBugFix as on C. If you don't use it, you will have anyway the same CGX... monitors, but just running (I'll be using it on my next 05 update) WBStartup++ it doesn't run right without it there -have to try on CWB39 though-.

Edit: Also... on CWB39 you almost can't notice the difference running CGX, as you don't run Amidock or Birdie or others, but you've got the management of the chip ram changed, to use the fast instead of chip. I can clearly notice the difference on my AmiKit version.

Edit: Just tried disabling CGX, and CGX-AGA just as executable before FBlit and it keeps with the CGX...monitors, and AmiWolf doesn't run.
Edit: I must have done something wrong, as WBStartup++ runs faster than it should on CWB39 (not a good thing).

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