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Bloodwych 25 January 2011 21:27

Thanks daxb and Mad-Matt for the extra info.

Well, if someone can explain to me how to get this working on normal Amiga configs (like a standard A1200+ fastram) and it's better than what's currently in use, I'll add it to the packs.

At the moment, I just can't get it to work, plus the MuForce hits sound bad. Although I think I was told not to use JanoEditor in the past as it generates MuForce hits, but I left it in as it works great!

daxb 26 January 2011 13:19

I use JanoEditor and noticed that it throws hits when you start it a second time (editor is running then start again). From other problems I don`t know (if there exists). So you don`t start it twice. If you can`t remember that (like me ;) ) I wrote this small ARexx script that does it for me:


/* Start JanoEditor if not allready started. Optional: load a given file */

PARSE ARG filename


JanoEditor = 'Tools:Text/Jano_v1.01/JanoEditor'

/* Start JanoEditor if not allready started */
    'RequestChoice >NIL:' '"JanoEditorStart Script" "JanoEditor is already running!" "OK" PUBSCREEN=Workbench'
    'WBRun >NIL:' JanoEditor filename
    DO 2 WHILE ~SHOW('PORTS', 'JANO')  /* checks 2 times for JANO REXX port */
        'waitforport JANO'              /* waitforport waits 10 seconds. If SHOW JANO REXX port then leave */
    IF rc = 5 THEN SAY 'ERROR: Unable to load JANO!'

It uses WBRun and the variable "JanoEditor" must be adapted (full path to JanoEditor). Optional it loads a given file as argument. Useful with a filemanager like DOpus.

Foul 26 January 2011 13:24

without : cyberbugfix : 1 650 112 chip free
with : 1 708 328 chip free

working for me :) (640x512x8 bits)

i put c:cyberbugfix from this archive : http://dariog.republika.pl/download/cgx-aga.lha

Bloodwych 26 January 2011 13:30

I'll take a look at that daxb. :)

Foul, that archive seems to contain the right files in the right drawers! Plus the missing CGX-AGA. I'll take a look, thanks.

daxb 26 January 2011 14:42

The archive Foul used is version 1.0. However, I get with both (1.0, 1.1) the same hits. If a asm coder is interested and may have a look:

Cyberbugfixaga archive (source included):

Here the MuFoce (when cyberbugfix is started) hit what seems to be line 131 in source: move.l fib_Size,a1.


LONG READ from 0000007C                        PC: 01490E52
USP : 0159BD38 SR: 0004  (U0)(-)(-)  TCB: 01355E00
Data: 00000007 00000007 0122AEA4 00000007 00000001 004E17F5 0048AEE5 01490C6C
----> 01490C6C - "System:C/CyberBugfiX"  Hunk 0000 Offset FFFFFFFC
Addr: 0122AEA4 01355E5C 010A7B94 01490C6C 01355E00 00FEC07A 010A7A4C 010826EC
Stck: 00000000 0122AEA4 01490CFE 00FEC8A6 00001000 013567E4 0001EE6C 005244B9
Stck: 70FF4E75 4AFC0159 BD5C015B DAE0802A 09000159 BD760159 BD880159 BDAC6367
Stck: 78737973 74656D2E 6C696272 61727900 63677873 79737465 6D2E6C69 62726172
Stck: 79203432 2E342028 31352E34 2E303029 200D0A00 000001B4 0159BDBC 0159BE20
Stck: 015BABC8 015BACFE 015BAD16 015BAD1E 0159BE40 015BAD22 0159BE40 0159BE40
Stck: 015BAD70 015BAD8A 015BADC4 015BAE42 015BAECE 0159BE40 015BB300 015BB314
----> 01490E52 - "System:C/CyberBugfiX"  Hunk 0000 Offset 000001E2
----> 01490CFE - "System:C/CyberBugfiX"  Hunk 0000 Offset 0000008E
----> 00FEC8A6 - "ROM - dos 40.3 (1.4.93)"  Hunk 0000 Offset 00000B32
----> 0159BDBC - "System:Libs/cgxsystem.library"  Hunk 0000 Offset 00000064
PC-8: 014911CC 26390149 12582C79 014911D4 4EAEFFD6 B0B90149 1258662C 206F0004
PC *: 2278007C D3C84211 720A7400 10106716 B0016604 70005282 08000006 67040880
01490e32 :  0149 11cc                  movep.l $11cc(a1),d0
01490e36 :  2639 0149 1258            move.l $1491258,d3
01490e3c :  2c79 0149 11d4            movea.l $14911d4,a6
01490e42 :  4eae ffd6                  jsr -$2a(a6)
01490e46 :  b0b9 0149 1258            cmp.l $1491258,d0
01490e4c :  662c                      bne.s $1490e7a
01490e4e :  206f 0004                  movea.l $4(a7),a0
01490e52 : *2278 007c                  movea.l $7c.w,a1
01490e56 :  d3c8                      adda.l a0,a1
01490e58 :  4211                      clr.b (a1)
01490e5a :  720a                      moveq.l #$a,d1
01490e5c :  7400                      moveq.l #$0,d2
01490e5e :  1010                      move.b (a0),d0
01490e60 :  6716                      beq.s $1490e78
01490e62 :  b001                      cmp.b d1,d0
01490e64 :  6604                      bne.s $1490e6a
01490e66 :  7000                      moveq.l #$0,d0
01490e68 :  5282                      addq.l #$1,d2
01490e6a :  0800 0006                  btst #$6,d0
01490e6e :  6704                      beq.s $1490e74
01490e70 :  0880 0005                  bclr #$5,d0
Name: "Shell Process"  CLI: "CyberBugfiX"  Hunk 0000 Offset 000001E2

Frog 26 January 2011 14:45


Originally Posted by Foul (Post 732323)
without : cyberbugfix : 1 650 112 chip free
with : 1 708 328 chip free

working for me :)

i put c:cyberbugfix from this archive : http://dariog.republika.pl/download/cgx-aga.lha

I quickly had a look to the archive and it seems c:CyberBugFix is the same file as in my archive in Devs/Monitors/CyberBugFix

Bloodwych 26 January 2011 15:03

I will get this to work Frog! I will damn it!!! :laughing :crazy

Frog 26 January 2011 16:16


Originally Posted by Bloodwych (Post 732342)
I will get this to work Frog! I will damn it!!! :laughing :crazy

I would suggest to start with a basic (defaut) startup-sequence and simply add CyberBugFix.
Then if it works add one after another your other patch.

StingRay 26 January 2011 16:51

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by daxb (Post 732335)
01490e52 : *2278 007c movea.l $7c.w,a1

Nice bug... I fixed it, check the attachment. I didn't test the executable though so use at your own risk.

Mad-Matt 26 January 2011 18:17

Could this bug fix patch be integrated into the cgxaga driver , just to make it one less patch ? or , can it be determined if the patch is even needed with the included cgxaga driver as I suspect thepatch was written for the phase 5 version of the cgxaga driver that is packaged with cgxv3.

Bloodwych 26 January 2011 20:03

Ok, managed to get this working after starting fresh with all patches disabled (as Frog suggested) and no Scalos - YAY! :spin Saves about 30-50K in CHIPRAM when a lot of icons are open in a window compared to without it. Haven't done comparisions in a Scalos run Workbench yet.

You need in C:
CyberbugfixAGA (CGX-AGA doesn't seem to be required)
WBCtrl (essential it seems)

You need in Libs:

You need in Env-Arc:
The prefs for supergels, planes2fast etc

You need in FBlit:
To disable FAllocbitmap

You NEED ALL OF the following in the the Startup-Sequence file:
Cyberbugfix (after FBlit)
WBCtrl IMT=ICONFAST (just before LoadWB)

Now why didn't you guys just say that in the first place! :laughing

Then it will work. Now the testing for compatibility begins......

Frog 26 January 2011 20:11


Originally Posted by Frog (Post 728750)
I have to check it but atm i've only a computer available at work. Perhaps Retrofan can answer faster to this problem.
Do you also copy cgxsystem.library to LIBS: and Prefs/Envarchives/CyberGraphX to ENVARC: ?

it seems i told it :crazy
I don't think WBCtrl is needed

Foul 26 January 2011 20:26

i only use Cyberbugfix + the Cosmos' graphics.library ... nothing else .. and it works ;)

Bloodwych 26 January 2011 20:48

Perhaps you guys are using different libs, like the graphics.library mentioned above, patches etc, but WBCtrl is definitely required in OS39 and also the cgxsystem.library. Without it, I got no real CHIPRAM savings. Might also be the reason I couldn't get it working in Scalos.

All I know is if I remove any one of the above mentioned things, it fails to save much CHIPRAM beyond what I get with FBlit and WBctrl only.

Why I couldn't get it to work might be down to what patches I have running in the Scalos and none Scalos packs. I'll just have to test now and see what works and doesn't. The main thing is I've seen the light! :D

Mad-Matt 26 January 2011 20:59

In OS39, you set icons to fastmem in Workbench prefs , no need for wbctrl.

A couple of tweaks to fblit, and you dont need simplegels either.
"QBSBlitPatch installed, AddBobPatch/RemIBobPatch un-installed"

Bloodwych 26 January 2011 21:22


Originally Posted by Mad-Matt (Post 732406)
In OS39, you set icons to fastmem in Workbench prefs , no need for wbctrl.

A couple of tweaks to fblit, and you dont need simplegels either.
"QBSBlitPatch installed, AddBobPatch/RemIBobPatch un-installed"

That might be the answer - I must admit, I never use OS39 that much but indeed there is a setting under Workbench prefs to put images in "Other RAM". Never knew that covered icons as well, as I remember trying it in the past and it did nothing. Probably because FBlit wasn't installed.

Bloodwych 27 January 2011 00:53

Well CyberBugfix is now part of the OS3.5 and OS3.9 future packs as an enable or disable option. Enabling or disabling the option also sets the relevant FBlit settings. I'll probably also add it to the LITE version. Currently using Stingray's fixed executable linked above for testing - thanks!

Scalos versions suffer from missing icons with the patch. Will have to look into that further, but if it doesn't work it's no big loss in those due to the way Scalos window tasks are handled via FBlit..

I've also used Mad-Matt's advice and disabled SIMPLEGELS by altering the FBlit settings and used the OS3.9 Workbench prefs settings to handle what WBCtrl does in OS3.5.

WBCtrl SIMPLEGELS and default FBlit settings are still used in the Alternate safemode boot.

Another thing I've noticed, in OS3.5 AWeb had corrupt browser icons. All other ClassicWB packs display fine, including the OS3.9 pack which has the same aka datatypes. Adding Cyberbugfix however has fixed the corruption!!! This is in WinUAE.

Frog 27 January 2011 04:26

It's strange that you got some missing icons with Scalos & CyberBugFix as i used Scalos & CyberBugFix myself and got no problem at all.

Bloodwych 27 January 2011 12:49

I'm aware you use Scalos Frog - but is it as a full Workbench replacement? And what version of Scalos do you use? What version of Workbench do you use?

This is using Scalos 1.2d as a full Workbench replacement in Workbench 3.0 using FBlit and the 4.6 Newicons lib (tried HE, ME and LE versions).

It's not so strange considering all the different things you can do to a Workbench install. No two Workbenches are exactly the same! If you don't mind, can you post your Startup-Sequence? I may then be able to figure it out. It may also be a factor of running in WinUAE.

EDIT: Tried on a patch free startup-sequence and the NewIcons still disappear on a Scalos replacement Workbench window running in WinUAE.

daxb 27 January 2011 13:07

I just wonder nobody else has noticed or mentioned the bug. Maybe some debugging tools like enforcer/muforce/sashimi/... should be added to the very popular "all-in-one WB install archives" available?

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