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Mike UK 26 February 2007 16:39

Back to the future II Freezing
Hiya all trying to get it to work through WHDload basically when your half way through the first level it crashes tried re installing the game and no difference all other games work fine.

Trying to play it on a A1200 040 25Mhz 8Mb fast

StingRay 27 February 2007 12:50

Does it just crash with a reboot? Or do you get an errormessage from WHDload?

Mike UK 27 February 2007 19:16

No error message and no crash really,
The game just stops at the same place all the time and its possible to close the game the normal way.

Retro1234 27 February 2007 19:20

Ive had the same problem. Tried different disk images and I have the original disk

Retro-Nerd 27 February 2007 19:31

I can confirm it, it freezes with or without caches. Have you sent a bug report to Bored?

Mike UK 27 February 2007 19:33

Nope is he a member on this board? guess if he is I could PM him :)

Retro-Nerd 27 February 2007 19:34


Mike UK 27 February 2007 19:38

Ah cheers report sent :)

Retro-Nerd 27 February 2007 19:39


Originally Posted by Mike UK
Ah cheers report sent :)

I hope he will response. ;)

StingRay 27 February 2007 21:00

Maybe a cracking error :D Sounds interesting :) Sounds like some checkums kicking in maybe. =) I'll have a look if it freezes for me too. :)

Edit: Just checked and it didn't really work for me either. Freezes once you played a game and then want to start a new game. Black screen is what I get then. Also there is another problem, pressing space during the intro part triggers an illegal exception.

Mike UK 05 March 2007 17:45

Still havent got a reply guess he`s ignoring me or left the scene ..anyone fancy re doing the whdload patch? :D

AmigaBoy 08 November 2007 02:34

I've also encountered this problem and would love to see it fixed. The game doesn't freeze, but begins to run at an extremely slow speed, making it extremely unplayable from that point on (and no jokes about the playability of the game itself since I enjoy it ;)).

I've submitted a bug report to Bored and he was nice enough to reply:


Yeah, I know about this bug, but I can't find why this is happening. :( I give up.
That's a shame. I'm guessing something was introduced in newer WHDLoad's that cause this slowdown, because I can only assume that when the slave was initially written, it was tested beyond level 1.

Anyway, is there any experienced slave writers that want to figure out what's wrong with the slave, or even write a new one?

AmigaBoy 18 November 2007 12:52

I really hate bumping threads, but *bump* just in case this thread was missed by some of the active slave writers. As far as I know, it's Copylock protected so it can't be too hard, can it?

I don't know what it is about this game that makes me want a working slave for it so much, but I always enjoyed it. I know others didn't so it could be my BTTF fanboyness talking, or perhaps nostalgia.

Picard 28 December 2007 13:09

I got answer a few weeks back.He said he can't fix random crashes.Sounds pretty stupid since it's not a random crash.
And it should be a time that this got fixed.

Galahad/FLT 28 December 2007 13:57

If I had source for the slave, I could be enticed to have a look

BoredSeal 03 July 2008 22:24


Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT (Post 382433)
If I had source for the slave, I could be enticed to have a look

Are you still interrested, Sir Galahad? :)

I think this shitty problem is caused by self-modified code, but I can't find it. Or it's some depressive RNC protection trick, like Exile ;)

Galahad/FLT 05 July 2008 17:51

Is this problem only under WHDLoad?

Belgarath 05 July 2008 18:13


Galahad/FLT 05 July 2008 18:44

Ok, will take a look tomorrow, if someone could email me the IPF of the game to galahadfairlight(..)yahoo.co.uk that would be super duper

killergorilla 06 July 2008 19:18

Check your PM galahad :)

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