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boing_1000 09 August 2006 01:14

A1200 HDD setup help
Ok I just bought a 2 GB hdd from amigakit.com. Plugged it in, everything seems to work fine. When I go to insert the Workbench disk, and install it onto the hard drive, it says "Not a DOS Disk in unit DF0".

The software I made from licensed images that I got from Cloanto. I've tried it over a serial connection and I've used the Catweasel to make the Workbench. Am I missing something here? The Workbench software worked just fine for booting up the computer.

Parsec 09 August 2006 01:54

Does that error message say DF0? If it does that means a problem with the floppy itself. It could be a bad sector causing a read error.

boing_1000 09 August 2006 02:34

I dunno, I've used 2 different disks now and it's still giving the same error. I know the computer has booted off one of the disks I made.

boing_1000 09 August 2006 05:00

Got the hard drive working but now I'm trying to install games and Workbench on it and it keeps messing up. Can anyone help me with this?

Zetr0 09 August 2006 05:51

double check that the idc & power cable is on tight (mobo and drive)

if so another precuation is if you have an external floppy drive try disconnecting it.

if this fails, then i would begin to think that a diskdrive might need a clean *please dont touch the magnetic contact read heads* but remove as much dirt/dust from the unit with a vacume cleaner :) i find it works a treat.

it could be a little speck of dust that has managed to seat itself in or arround the read head.

if it stilll doesn`t work then perhaps ebay can help you out for about £6 for an external drive or even a new-old-stock internal one for under £10.

best of luck boing!

you could always mount RAD disk and write adf files to it and use that to install from.

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