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Peter 06 April 2011 22:06

FOUND: Ultimate Domination
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Ultimate Domination by Alternative Realities 1997

TCD brought this game to my attention - he played the Shareware Version of it when it was uploaded to the EAB File Server by 1time.

From a lead through TCD I contacted the Game Author, Paul Huckstepp.

Ultimate Domination looks like a very polished and interesting strategy game taking some inspiration possibly from the Amiga Game Domination itself and looking a bit to me like K240... I will put the Shareware version that we have in the Zone.

Paul is very kindly searching for the full version of the game and will hopefully contact me soon with some good news!

Paul has released a few other games for the Amiga... he has given me access to two of them which I will also place in the Zone - they both look like they are worth playing...

Falling Down - Winner of the Amiga Format write a game in Amos competition and also Climbing Up - Licenceware sequel to Falling Down... also in the Zone.

I really have my fingers crossed that the full version of UD is found as I think it looks like a great little game... of course I will post back here as soon as I hear anything from Paul... but if you should have the full version of the game then please post here and let us know!!

Many Thanks to Paul for sharing his games with us! :great

TCD 06 April 2011 22:15

Nice one Peter and thanks a lot to Paul for sharing the full version with us :great

Predseda 06 April 2011 22:18

Oh dear, I am very interested!

TCD 07 April 2011 00:37


Originally Posted by Peter (Post 748009)
Falling Down - Winner of the Amiga Format write a game in Amos competition and also Climbing Up - Licenceware sequel to Falling Down... also in the Zone.

Missed that bit... Are those full versions and should be added to the file server?

Peter 07 April 2011 00:41

I'm pretty sure they are both full games - I will double check tomorrow morning and post back...

TCD 07 April 2011 00:42

Okay, thanks again :)

Peter 07 April 2011 11:50

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Both games, Climbing Up and Falling Down are Full Games!

I have been playing both this morning - really good little puzzle games!

Here's a quick look at Falling Down... on a real Amiga!

TCD 07 April 2011 11:55

Nice :) Added to the file server now.

Peter 07 April 2011 11:58

2 Attachment(s)
Thanks TCD...

I'm totally addicted to Climbing Up already! - It's great!

Peter 16 April 2011 13:13

A little update... heard from Paul, he has dusted off his old Catweasel PCI card and is going to attempt to set it up under Ubuntu - hopefully to retrieve some disk images for us... (Fingers Crossed)

ARSoftware 22 April 2011 16:28

Hi there guys, this is Paul Huckstepp developer of Ultimate Domination, thought I'd jump on hear and update you all personally.

I managed to find all of my Amiga back catalogue and have now made them available for consumption from my website.

You are free to include them on this website as well.

Games Available:
Falling Down (already here)
Climbing Up (already here)
Total Domination - I don't seem to be able to get this one to work quite right in WinUAE, if anyone gets it running please let me know.
Total Domination 2
Ultimate Domination

All the games should be the full unrestricted versions.

Visit the web page below:
and click the links for each of the games to download the adf files.

Enjoy :)

TCD 22 April 2011 16:36

Hi Paul and welcome to EAB! :)

Thanks a lot for sharing the full versions of your games with us :great It's really appreciated and I will try to get Total Domination working in a bit.
Enjoy your stay :agree

ARSoftware 22 April 2011 16:39

Regarding Total Domination, the intro works but when it tries to start the actual game it fails back to the AmigaDOS prompt with an error. It may need to be checked out on a WorkBench install to see why the main game file isn't running.

TCD 22 April 2011 16:51

Seems like the problem is a missing file :


Fingers crossed that you still have that file.

ARSoftware 22 April 2011 17:15

Unfortunately it is very unlikely that I do have that file.

Can you get access to all of the files contained on the disc?

Perhaps as a workaround it would be possible to duplicate one of the other level files.

TCD 22 April 2011 17:21


Originally Posted by ARSoftware (Post 751464)
Can you get access to all of the files contained on the disc?

Yep, here's the full listing of the disk :

logo                      20524 ----rw-d 17-Jun-95 10:32:08
Levels                      Dir ----rwed 06-Jan-78 06:15:34
Data                        Dir ----rwed 17-Jun-95 10:25:00
1 file - 2 directories - 46 blocks used

Directory "Levels" on Friday 22-Apr-11
1.MP                        3670 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 05:54:16
2.MP                        3673 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 06:05:16
3.MP                        3666 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 06:08:33
4.MP                        3670 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 06:11:27
5.MP                        3669 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 06:15:47
5 files - 45 blocks used

Directory "Data" on Friday 22-Apr-11
Bnk                          Dir ----rwed 05-Jan-78 03:09:13
Img                          Dir ----rwed 07-Jan-78 23:09:08
MSC                          Dir ----rwed 06-Jan-78 11:37:58
3 directories - 6 blocks used

Directory "Data/Bnk" on Friday 22-Apr-11
MTH                          276 ----rwed 11-Jan-78 05:35:37
CBT                          660 ----rwed 03-Jan-78 23:03:19
BLBS                        1336 ----rwed 05-Jan-78 03:09:14
ICNS                      24038 ----rwed 27-Jul-95 16:54:58
SPL                      240310 ----rwed 04-Jul-95 19:59:30
5 files - 528 blocks used

Directory "Data/Img" on Friday 22-Apr-11
SCB                        2244 ----rw-d 05-Jan-78 08:55:05
EMP                        3270 ----rw-d 03-Jan-78 00:42:57
BRK.EMP                    18970 ----rw-d 07-Jan-78 23:09:07
TAX                        3198 ----rw-d 03-Jan-78 00:51:54
CBT                        2856 ----rw-d 05-Jan-78 03:04:57
BTN2                      48164 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 04:05:48
BRK.MVE                    1420 ----rw-d 09-Jan-78 09:51:45
BTN                        31854 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 04:01:35
BSY                          418 ----rw-d 05-Jan-78 08:39:24
CDT                        6126 ----rw-d 04-Jul-95 19:32:57
panel.ilbm                  5654 ----rw-d 06-Jan-78 05:14:04
TIT                        56106 ----rw-d 07-Jan-78 09:08:24
CMT                        24662 ----rw-d 03-Jan-78 00:28:57
GMO                        37088 ----rwed 05-Jan-78 05:10:28
BRK.EMP.info                488 ----rw-d 07-Jan-78 23:09:08
15 files - 497 blocks used

Directory "Data/MSC" on Friday 22-Apr-11
TIT                      141500 ----rwed 04-Jan-78 08:09:27
CDM                        49220 ----rwed 06-Jan-78 02:42:30
2 files - 376 blocks used

TOTAL: 28 files - 5 directories - 1498 blocks used

Seems like the map files are just named wrongly, so I'll try to fix that now.

ARSoftware 22 April 2011 17:23

Yeah, it looks that way to me as well, also the folder should be Levs and not Levels.

Let me know what happens. If you can recompile the adf file please let me have an updated version and I'll correct it on my website as well.

Thanks for your help. I've forgotten most of how to do this now.

TCD 22 April 2011 17:56

Weird naming stuff going on... Once I installed the game to HD, it showed a new screen with a level selection and it found the 'wrong' named level files. Still renamed (both folder and files) the levels for a fixed disk version and this time SnoopDos didn't show an error :


Yet, the game still doesn't start from disk. No idea what else could be wrong, so I hope someone else can have another look.

Anyway, the HD installed version works, so I've adjusted the 'start' script and maybe you want to offer that version for the time being : http://www.sendspace.com/file/tw5lrn

Here's the disk with the 'fixed' level names in case someone else wants to try to get it working : http://www.sendspace.com/file/bkw6sv

ARSoftware 22 April 2011 18:11

Thanks for checking it out. I'll put the HD version up on my site for the time being.

The sendspace url doesn't seem to work here though.

TCD 22 April 2011 18:17

Hmm, works fine here. You can also find the file in 'The Zone!' (check the upper right of this page for the link) now. Also have a look here : http://eab.abime.net/faq.php?faq=vb_...ezone_faq_item

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