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drnovice 05 December 2004 02:23

Is it possibile integrate lastest WinUAE version (0.9.91) with Kaillera interface?
Hi everyone! I'm Alessandro, from Italy ;)

I think that written in title: could someone integrate Kaillera in WinUAE 0.9.91?
Maybe Sane could tell me if it's possibile, actually?

I'll wait for some answer :agree

┬žane 05 December 2004 21:43

It's possible, and I will see it done and done properly, it's just a matter of time...

Toni Wilen is welcome to take over the project in the meantime, I'm not stopping him.

Although I would not base it on top of any existing code as it is in need of a rewrite anyway.


Are you actively working on the project?

Why is that?
It is a delicate subject matter, but know this, there's not a day that goes by that it doesn't enter my mind. I haven't forgotten about it, that's for sure!

When do you expect to begin development of a new version?
That's difficult to say, it's hard to find the time, not only that, I've got to be in the right frame of mind to sit down and churn out code.

What are your plans should they ever get underway?
I've thought-up how (at least temperamental) TCP support could possibly be implemented for the transfer of shared resources, Disk image files, etc.

I have many, many EXCITING ideas...

drnovice 06 December 2004 01:19

Ok, thanks Sane for answer! :)

I would change my topic, 'cause in this moment (after more and more attempts) I can't play with WinUAEXP-Kaillera (r2b2).
The cause are too many timeout verified during connection witn other player-partner and so we have tipical message: "Lost connection"
It happens when I use own server and also when I use other servers in list (ping is however 150 or less for me and my partner)
By what can all these timeout be caused?? And how I can resolve to have more connection stability? :rolleyes

Sane please help me! I'm little hopeless.. :shocked

P.S. I have an ADSL 640K connection as my partner too.

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