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gurth 12 April 2015 22:45

Replacement for CDTV floppy drive
I have a couple of Amiga's including a CDTV and would like to use the CDTV as a classic 1.3 setup. It was my dream machine as a kid and would stare at Commodore literature many an evening wishing I could own one.

I have recently purchased a kipper2k 4Mb/IDE and have that installed so I have a little Fast RAM to hand. I understand the IDE side will only be available if I swap the kickstart for 2.05 upwards, but as I'm only interested in 1.3 so I'm happy to live without that.

Arrived last week is a SCSI kit that I need to solder up and insert internally with a SCSI drive from eBay. Then I should be able to install Workbench 1.3 onto the hard drive with Deluxe Paint and DevPac.

The issue I have at the moment is transferring files, be it HDTools or Workbench, they all struggle to be read either with my CDTV, A500 or A1200. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that all floppy drives are beyond repair and might actually be damaging the disks I insert.

I have a CF reader for the A1200 and an ACA500 for the A500 but I'm stuck at transferring anything to the CDTV.

Would a GOTEK be suitable, I'm not convinced it will as I really want to be transferring files from aminet not whole images of disks (ADFs)?

An alternative I thought could be to setup a 3.1 side so I can make use of the IDE, copy files across with that, and then boot back into 1.3 (dual boot)?

Suggestions please on a postcard.

Arnie 13 April 2015 01:17

A gotek would work for the CDTV but you need to be able to connect it externally, so you will need an old external drive case or Mounty sells a connector.

You could then use WinUAE and copy the aminet files to blank ADF's, transfer them to the gotek USB stick and then transfer the files to your SCSI HD.

Remember that the blank floppies need to be ofs 836 formatted if you use WB1.3.

cpiac64 13 April 2015 11:31


info in polish for add df0: internally

Arnie 13 April 2015 13:41


Originally Posted by cpiac64 (Post 1014680)

info in polish for add df0: internally

What was I thinking :banghead That's much easier :D

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