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Tim Janssen 01 November 2001 12:50

I am curious: which 3D Quake/ Doom game on the Amiga do you like? I have heard about games like Alien Breed 3D, Gnoom, Fearless but do not know how good/bad they are.

The only 3D game I have ever played on my A500 is Death Mask by Apache in 1995 which was nothing to write home about. I liked the title-tune, though.

Amigaboy 01 November 2001 13:07

Alien Breed 3D 1/2 - Number one was kick ass. Number Two was better ;)
Gloom 1/2/3/4 - Number 1 and 2 were kick ass. Numbers 3 and 4 sucked
Citadel - This was a great game in my opinion. Made to run on a 1mb A500
Quake - The best first person game I've seen on the Amiga (PC Port)
Heretic 1/2 - Both pretty good (PC Ports)
Hexen - I didn't get into it much but still nice (PC Port)
Doom - Like the PC one, but didn't have that playable feel in my opinion (PC Port)
Fears - This one was pretty good. Alot like Doom
Wolf3D - Fun on every platform :) (PC Port)

Probably more but I can't remember :)

Tim Janssen 01 November 2001 15:15

About Citadel...
Thanks for your list. It seems you have sticked a long time with your Amiga when the rest of the world went to PC or Console.:)

That game called Citadel sounds very interesting. When and by who was it published? Had this game also a 'real' 360 degrees-turnaround option as is common with 3D games?

Amigaboy 01 November 2001 15:49

Ya. I've stuck with the Amiga for years now (although I don't use it as much as I used to)

Citadel was made by....ummm...I can't remember. It did have 360 degrees left and right turning (not up/down). It's like Doom, not Quake :D

CodyJarrett 05 November 2001 10:05

Citadel was by Arrakis and Virtual Design. Don't ask me who they were!

Get it from here:


Tim Janssen 07 November 2001 17:00

Citadel looks great (for an A500 game anyway) so I will download it someday.
I originally thought this game was a conversion of a C64 game with the same name.

Shatterhand 08 November 2001 05:35

There's also "Behind The Iron Gate" , that works with an A500 and 1Mb..

It has some strangely blue graphics that you get used with time, it's fast enough, it doesn't run in a small screen.. and has also the odd feature of an aim on screen, so you point and shoot at your enemies using the mouse, and control with the keyboard..

Tim Janssen 08 November 2001 14:23

Sounds familiar
Behind the Iron gate sounds very familiar. Wasn't this game published in 1994? Somehow I remember screenshots from it in Amiga Power-magazine. Somehow the graphics looked vaguely similar to Rocbocop 3.

CodyJarrett 08 November 2001 14:47

It was 1995.

Tim Janssen 08 November 2001 17:35

Robocop 3-esque
Yes, Behind the Iron gate is exactly the game as I remember it. It looks very Robocop 3-esque indeed. Strange, this game too seems to be written by a bunch of East-European people.

LaundroMat 08 November 2001 23:55

Why strange? Remember "Total Football" and CroTeam? CroTeam got pretty famous with their latest brainchild, Serious Sam.

(No affiliation exists between me and countries or people east of Europe, but I was just wondering why you called that strange).

Shatterhand 09 November 2001 04:35

I think Croteam actually made Football Glory

Total Football is from Domark

Fred the Fop 09 November 2001 07:05

1 Attachment(s)
Umm..this is first person, its a shooter..and I LOVE this game:)
The opions, gameplay, graphics and control are just right!


Amigaboy 09 November 2001 07:15

Amigaboy kicks Fred's ass

No Fred. That's not a First Person Shooter (FPS). An FPS game is one where you take control of a person (in first person) and you do stuff in real time. ie. Doom like

Akira 09 November 2001 18:01

Besidses, Aquaventura is a chase-view game, so it's actually 3rd person! :D

Steve 09 November 2001 18:22

Speaking of Amiga first person shooters
Here's an amazing story of something I came across yesterday at work. We have a large network with a lot of peoples back-ups on it from years ago. I was looking through them when I came across one which said AlienBreed. When I looked inside it was all original graphics and artwork from Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds. 46MB worth of artwork to be exact. I was so amazed. There was loads of art that I haven't even seen in the game. I'll have to ask the guy all about it. Find out if they're any interesting Alien Breed 3D II stories. I can't post any of the graphics by the way for obvious (copyright) reasons so don't ask please! :D

Tim Janssen 12 November 2001 10:32

Some responses
Laundromat, you wrote:
‘No affiliation exists between me and countries or people east of Europe, but I was just wondering why you called that strange’
What I felt strange is that in the later years of Amiga all mayor softwarecompanies (EA, Sierra, Ocean) left the scene and the market was taken over by programmingteams from Eastern Europe (which produced far superior state-of-the-art software). Looks like they discovered the Amiga in its later years.

Frederic & Akira,
Have you ever played a crack of Aquaventura? Back in 1992 I wanted to copy this game but some people said it was uncrackable. I have never seen a copy of it since.

That is a very interesting story to read. Looks like a (former) graphics artist of Alien Breed 3D II has some connection with the company where you work. Keep us posted.

CodyJarrett 12 November 2001 11:21

I've uploaded a Fairlight crack of Aquaventura to The Zone.

Twistin'Ghost 12 November 2001 11:42

Hey, does anybody have a copy of the original Aquaventura. It may have just been a demo, but years before the game was released there was a copy of the game (or early demo) that I seem to remember not being cracked (I guess it was copied with a hardware copier or something). My friend Bill (Paradox/BBC) had a copy, but I never was able to copy it because he couldn't remember how his was copied (from the ACE club from the Phillipines). I don't recall ever seeing this one on the net.

Tim Janssen 04 December 2001 16:08

Next gen 3D shmup
Has anyone of you played those new 3D games like Shogo -Mobile Armour Devision and Sin on their accelerated Amiga? Are they different from the PC originals?

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