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dlfrsilver 07 October 2006 04:25

Joysticks/joypads we have
5 Attachment(s)
well here is the joysticks i use :

Please post yours :D

left to the right -> hot shot konix, Competition pro 5000, Joypad amiga hyperpad, Speedking konix, and and
the far superior "XE1-sg".

- The 2 buttons joypad hyperpad is nice to play arcade plateforme games, and game which
need precision ^^.
- The XE1-sg is the best joypad usable on amiga : 2 buttons + fonctions + "coin op very solid
manufactured style".... i assure playing turrican with it and your amiga appears in his true
shape, excellence ^^

- about konix ? ahahah even my own "joystick" is more accurate...not solid, easy to break.
- Competition pro ? loool forbidden by mums syndicate "for peace at home". Start using it on Fire and ice or twinworld and tadaaa, your amiga is going thru the window, with grandpa and grandma..... And you break everything out there by wraith ^^
- Speedking appears to be quite solid, but it is quite unresponsive and bad to handle.....
your hand is blocked on it or you spend your time to move and then lack control....beuarglll

dlfrsilver 07 October 2006 04:26

5 Attachment(s)
next ones :

left to right -> quickshot professionnal SV-138, quickshot professionnal SV-185, Trojan phazer,
Quickshot SV-124, quickjoy SV-127.

- the SV138 was used by game testers in industry, because of their great hability to deal precise and accurate with games..... excellent one, you have no reason of loosing in games....
- Ahhh the second best one ! Quickshot SV-185 has programmable functions, 2 buttons,
rotating buttons panel in 360° circle, and a wonderful way of driving you in games.....
Turrican feels so fluid and sliding on circle, you feel it in your hands..... Excellence in controllers
like the XE1-sg.
- trojan phazer to play whdload patched games ^^, excellent really ^^ !

and the 2 last ones, using in simulators or cars driving cause of their inaccuracy.

Now that's your turn ^^

shillard 07 October 2006 07:17

Quickshot II almost exclusively, ever since the C-64 days.

Also have a competition pro-5000 and a TAC-2 laying around that rarely get used.

Ironclaw 07 October 2006 10:00

Oh oh, great thread... but too bad I don't have my joysticks/pads here, or even near... My C64 and Amiga is in a storage somewhere many miles away from here... I have like 14 different joysticks. Got most of them when I bought the C64.

Overdoc 07 October 2006 13:30

I have like a tomn of dsifferent sticks, also some strange one with infra red, one with 2 sticks, footpadels for racing games ;), ... some tiny ones, and some real big ones !

However, I prefer the Quickshot II Plus & Turbo, and I still would like to get my hands on such a Amiga Hyperpad :)
Anyone got one for sale/trade ?

stainy 07 October 2006 13:36

Kick Off 2 controllers
We in the KOA use these in varying capacities.

Mine is the joyboard!!

KOA controllers

Overdoc 08 October 2006 13:30

Nice page, but there are lots of stick missing.
Also, for PC, there is the Quickshot Python V with gameport connector which is a real digital stick, just like the last of the 4 Quickshots n your site. Only the colour is different, and top and pistol firebuttons are 2 seperate ones (not connected to each other)
This would be my favorite stick if I had to play something on an emulator (which fortunately never happens ;) )

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