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jettaman 27 November 2005 23:12

Retro Remakes
I think its about time there was a top 20 of the best remake games. I would have to rate the remake of rick dangerous (xrick) myself. True to the original in every way. I am hoping to find a remake of supercars, or supercars 2 that does not suck, so if anyone has any suggestions, i'd love to hear about it. Ps. have a look at my post in the market place if you are interested.:)

manicx 28 November 2005 09:36

Best remake eva is the Head Over Heals remake.

ant512 28 November 2005 20:18

Cyclone (Spectrum) for the GBA is excellent, as is Grumpy Cat's GBA remake of Thrust (ST). Elite: The New Kind is marvellous, too.

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