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cbmeeks 12 January 2020 05:10

How do I turn off the crap?
I was a hard-core Amiga user back in the day. But it's been a while since I got back into it.

Anyway, I bought an Amiga 600HD years ago that was loaded with some stuff that I don't care to use. Mostly some stuff at boot time.

One such app is something called "FOZ" that appears to be some kind of CLI that loads above the normal WB window.

Another is some kind of menu shortcut tool that loads up the standard WB menu with links to system tools, etc.

How can I disable those on bootup?

I looked in the WBStartup (can't remember the exact spelling) and all I see there are "Clock", "NoClick2.0", "IHelp" and "Mode_Names". I think I want the NoClick because it stops the drive from clicking when empty. I think the Clock launches that small clock window (which I don't care about). But I'm not sure what the other two are. I would just delete them but I have no idea what they are.

Oh, there is also some kind of virus scanner that loads. I want to get all of this stuff off.

Is there an easy way to control the startup? Or, should I look into wiping everything out and reinstalling?


demolition 12 January 2020 08:45

They are probably loaded from either s:User-Startup or s:startup-sequence. You can boot to a clean CLI by holding down both mouse buttons while powering on the machine. You will then get the option to boot without startup-sequence. Use this and type 'edit s/startup-sequence' to see what is being loaded.

Muadib 12 January 2020 10:08

You might also want to check the SYS:WBStartup directory for programs dropped and left there.

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Korodny 12 January 2020 16:55

Personally, I'd reinstall the system froms scratch. It's going to be less work and you'll be able to finetune the system to your liking if you want to and learn a lot about it while doing so.

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