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Zetr0 09 April 2007 20:45

Game Titles: A Batch for March
Hello there,

Just thinking out loud (and on a forum :D ) about building up a list (or batch) of covers for March development :)

so what thoughts has everyone got ?

should there be a poll and or requests? hmmm imma thinking requests and then a poll if there is too many LOL

BippyM 09 April 2007 20:54

cd32/dvd or other?

Zetr0 09 April 2007 21:03


Originally Posted by bippym
cd32/dvd or other?

that my friend is a very VERY good question!

I supose realistically any, then a list can be compiled for march developement :)

BippyM 09 April 2007 21:30

I can do DVD cases as I have templates already ;)

Zetr0 09 April 2007 21:41


these templates you speak of, could be of use to others in the tools section!

viddi 09 April 2007 21:50

Bippy, your DVD cover designs are fantastic. :great

Why not start to collect suggestions for DVD covers incl. CD labels?

I´d like to see a Turrican trilogy and Agony for example.

If there are too many requests, we could make a poll...as Zetr0 mentioned above.

BippyM 09 April 2007 22:27

I can look into do cd covers as i do have templates for ful face cd :D

viddi 09 April 2007 23:26

Interesting! If you like you can contribute any template you have. ;)

BippyM 09 April 2007 23:55


A lack of high-res images doesn't help, I have started a dvd-case ;)

Zetr0 10 April 2007 02:51

I like the glowy text :D

Bipstah! did you use that psygnosis font from antirad's site?

It didn`t want to play ball with my psp7 :(

viddi 10 April 2007 08:43

Good morning :)

Looks really cool!

I don´t think it´s the psygnosis font.

I´m crazy about the DVD case!!!

BippyM 10 April 2007 09:15

It is the psygnosis font, it was taken from a game box :)

Zetr0 10 April 2007 12:17


BippyM 10 April 2007 15:17

That is naturally lo-res images used.

If I had access to my mags etc i'd scan some agony ads etc and use that.

If someone wants to scan box-art and magazine/posters etc for high-res covers/labels then i'll do a proper finished job etc

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