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pvt_beano 05 February 2006 11:31

Customizing ClassicWB Lite
Okay, I'm sure this has been answered somewhere else, but I can't find where :bowdown

I've got an A600 with 2MB Chip, 2MB Fast and a 6.4Gb HDD. I've just installed ClassicWB Lite and want to customize it a bit. For example, on the workbench there are a number of drawers along the bottom of the screen like: 'games', 'demos', etc. I realise that these point to drawers on DH0: in same way a shortcut works in windoze. My question is how do I change where these point to? I want the 'games' one to point at DH1:Games\ not DH0:Games\? Also, how do I get a piccy on the desktop?

Many thanks. :banghead

thomas 05 February 2006 16:41

There are no shortcuts in AmigaOS. What you see are the actual drawers which have been left yout. You cannot change "where they point to". You can only move them back to where they came from and then leave out other drawers.

So click the Games drawer once and choose "put away" from the menu, to move it back into the partition's window. Then open dh1, create another drawer called Games, click it once and choose "leave out" from the menu in order to move it to the desktop.


pvt_beano 05 February 2006 17:13

Okay, I'm with you, thanks very much :spin

Bamiga2002 05 February 2006 17:24

There is however a package on Aminet that can make drawers act as shortcuts. It is called IconLink:

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