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Muerto 27 October 2019 14:52

Packed mods

Is there any chance someone on here have all these modules in their packed format?



Asle 27 October 2019 15:14

Hello Muerto,
I thought you were hibernating :) Sounds like 10 years ago.
Anyway, I have most of these, yes. Any specific format ? And yes, we know that some of those are "memory-only" format :)

Muerto 27 October 2019 15:22

Hey Asle! how are you?

Yeah, just saw my 2nd to last post was on the 19 December 2009, 22:20 - so all most 10 years ago.. jeez, time flies :)
Haven't forgotten the old days though, but my interest have shifted towards arcade game collecting - Donkey Kong/Pac Man, mostly oldsch00l arcade games, though, Daytona USA and Crazy Taxi have found their way to my collection :D

I lost my entire mod collection 9 years ago, due to a bad HD crash. A friend of mine got a copy of it 5 years before the crash, so it didn't contain all my modules :/

I would very much like all of them, don't know how we could do this easiest? DropBox?

Best regards

Asle 27 October 2019 16:10

All of them ? You mean all packed musics (that's thousands) or only some examples ?
Well, I've uploaded an archive of examples for you in the zone. It covers most of the cases; with a few exceptions - that would require some work.
Tell me if it's OK for you.

Muerto 27 October 2019 17:00

Thanks for the mods!
Some of the formats I had totally forgotten...

I don't know how you have them ordered, but my guess is that in different folders, ie P50A filder, all P50A mods is in there? :)
So, if you're ok with it, one folder at the time - packed, and upped to the Zone, og to DropBox or a 3rd place :)

chip 27 October 2019 17:22

Hi Asle

Is Prowizard 4 PC able to detect ALL kind of MOD packers ?

I mean, there are formats which are not detected by your tool ? :blased

Asle 27 October 2019 18:11

damn .. it will take some time. OK, I will try this directory thing. I hope you're in no hurry :)

@chip, it's off topic. still, the answer is no. many formats are not supported by prowiz.

chip 27 October 2019 18:15

I guessed something like that ..... thanks for the answer Asle ;)

Muerto 27 October 2019 18:53


Originally Posted by Asle (Post 1354571)
damn .. it will take some time. OK, I will try this directory thing. I hope you're in no hurry :)

No, I'm not in a hurry, so it's up to you when you have time for it :bowdown

Asle 27 October 2019 21:22

ok, while watching some football, I gathered some more and sorted them in directories. Another archive is in the zone.
Come back to me if you need something specific beyond that.

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