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wilshy 28 July 2009 10:41

Another live Amiga act
Paradox live at Sun & Bass in 2008, in Sardinia.


Uses an Amiga A1200 and Octamed. Ok it's just for sequencing but where possible he'll project Octamed onto a screen or wall for all to see.

I haven't heard the audio on this vid because I'm at work, but I was at the gig (along with many of his other ones, as well as DJing alongside him numerous times) and it was, as per, fucking great set.

If people like this, I'll upload my video clips from my phone from this night.

Enjoy - more music here www.paradoxmusic.com

wilshy 31 July 2009 15:23

No one interested in this?

Just for information, Paradox has made a career of playing live (always with the Amiga) and producing. Has secured many different sponsorship deals over that time with people like Firetrap.

Live on BBC 1xtra http://www.paradoxmusic.com/photos/v...o.html?105.jpg

Pyromania 31 July 2009 23:10

This info is very cool.

plasmatron 01 August 2009 15:05

Nice one. :great

exoticaga 01 August 2009 22:00

Is there a list of live acts, from past and present ?

Cammy 02 August 2009 03:10

Hey, it's great to see Amigas (and their talented owners) entertaining so many people :)

Akira 02 August 2009 06:36

I love the poster of the video, idiot says he is playing in a "COMMADORE 64" *sigh*
Most of the jungle heads of the late 90s used trackers and Amigas to make their music.

back then, a tracker was teh easiest and best way to chop up a sample in the way these guys do!

Paradox is LEGENDARY and I didn't know he was still using Amigas!

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