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Galaxy 25 August 2005 05:47

Slow/Fast RAM difference
What exactly is the difference between what WinUAE terms slow and fast ram.

I note that what I have always considered fast RAM is referred to as slow RAM in WinUAE.

Back in the Amiga days, RAM was only ever referred to as Chip or Fast RAM - I don't ever remember seeing reference to slow RAM.

I always thought the distinction was Chip RAM = mem used by processor and custom chips; fast RAM = mem for exclusive use by processor.

Your Amiga came only with chip RAM, and most RAM expansions were detected/advertised as fast RAM. (although you could run patches to turn one sort into another (chip up to the max limit allowed by your Agnus chip) or mod the mobo.

DrBong 25 August 2005 07:01

I don't emulate, but could it refer to 16 bit vs 32 bit memory perhaps?

adolescent 25 August 2005 08:33

Slow RAM is RAM that is on the Chip RAM bus, but is treated like Fast RAM allowing only the CPU to access it (although accessed like Chip RAM because it's on the Chip RAM bus). For example, the A501 trapdoor expansion is Slow RAM.

Edit: hopefully someone can clarify if I've worded it incorrectly.

Toni Wilen 25 August 2005 09:10

Address space is also different, 0xc00000-> when real fast is 0x200000->

Thread moved.

malko 15 December 2017 22:21

Even if it is an old thread, looking at the options available under FS-UAE, I came to the same question and found a quite good explanation here.
Hope it is useful for someone else :) .

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