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honx 20 August 2019 15:41

ibrowse - give it a try?
currently i'm watching "10 minute amiga retro cast" on youtube, threre he is using ibrowse.
so i wonder: should i give ibrowse demo in version 2.4 a try, even in its unregistered state?
or should i wait for version 2.5 which is supposed to hit some time in the future?

Nobby_UK 20 August 2019 21:41

Give it a go --- Why wait ?

honx 20 August 2019 22:01

i'm thinking forward regarding ibrowse v2.5 and want to exclude any update issues.
if i install v2.4 and have to update v2.5 when it's available, i might run into problems.
if i do a clean, new install when v2.5 is there, i might have prevented update issues.

Matt_H 21 August 2019 00:26

Honestly, if you want to try it, just install it. If you don't want to install 2.5 on top of 2.4, just delete the 2.4 directory first. Or install 2.5 somewhere else. Everything is self-contained in the IBrowse drawer (apart from some MUI classes). There shouldn't be any "update issues" unless you run the new version right after the old version without rebooting in between.

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