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amigakit.com 09 February 2019 13:20

Personal Paint Updated for OS3
A new version of Personal Paint for OS3 is arriving soon from A-EON Technology. It will be a free download update available to registered customers who already purchased v7.3 from www.ppaint.com


The main ppaint executable has been updated and also the personal_req.library

Changes for this build against 7.3.b:

Feature additions:

Add polygon mode to grab brush tool.
Update Itialian translation (contributed Luca Longone)

Bug fixes:

Fix long filename support.
Fix buffer overflows in brush scaling.
Fix buffer overflows in brush shearing.
Extend internal brush structure to include shear status values so that when
shearing brush twice in a row is starts from the current sheared state and
not the original brush state.
Fix incorrect calculation of visble files in builtin requester resulting in an occasional corrupt looking filename at end of file list.

(personal_req.library 1.6)

Thanks to Amiga Developer Team member Andy Broad for his work on this project.

tolkien 09 February 2019 15:07

great! I purchased ppaint and downloaded from an amisphere link but now I can't login.
Will try to contact with you for help.

Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk

Jax 12 February 2019 12:29

Great news, thanks ;)

Leffmann 12 February 2019 15:48


Originally Posted by amigakit.com (Post 1303560)
... It will be a free download update available to registered customers who already purchased v7.3 from www.ppaint.com

Does the boxed CD contain the newly updated version, or will the purchase at least include the free download?

spudje 12 February 2019 21:14

It's also unclear to me how people, like me, are entitled to an update who didn't buy via ppaint.com. I bought a physical copy for AOS3 via Amigakit and a AOS4 copy via Amistore.

amigakit.com 12 February 2019 22:14


Yes if you bought from a CD from Amiga Kit, enter the serial number on the back of the box at AmiSphere.com - click Register Product. This will entitle you to free updates.

Hope this helps!


Send an email to support@amisphere.com


tolkien 12 February 2019 23:45

Problem solved. Now I can login to amisphere. Thanks so much.

spudje 13 February 2019 23:13

Great, I'm sure creating an amisphere account will work for me too. WIll do it as soon as the update is available.

amigakit.com 16 February 2019 11:24


Many thanks, I will keep you informed when update is uploaded to AmiSphere.com

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