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vbs 27 November 2016 20:52

Filenames with whitespaces displayed wrong?
Hi gentlemen,

I implemented a launcher script to integrate fs-uae into RetroPie. Things are working good so far but I noticed something strange:
When using disks which have whitespaces in their filenames then the filenames are displayed incorrectly in my opinion.

For example when I start it like this:
fs-uae '--floppy_drive_0=/tmp/retropie-archive/Apidya (Kaiko)_Disk1.adf' '--floppy_image_0=/tmp/retropie-archive/Apidya (Kaiko)_Disk1.adf' '--floppy_image_1=/tmp/retropie-archive/Apidya (Kaiko)_Disk2.adf' --kickstart_file=/home/vbs/RetroPie/BIOS/kick13.rom --floppies_dir=/tmp/retropie-archive --save_states_dir=/home/vbs/RetroPie/roms/amiga

Then the game starts normally but in the fs-uae menu when I go to the disk selection it looks like this (only "_Disk1" is displayed):

Is there a way to get the correct filenames displayed in fs-uae? When using filenames without whitespaces then it works fine.

Thanks in advance!

Hungry Horace 28 November 2016 00:30

Fs-UAE in RetroPie??
Is this is a separate version using an alternative core? I had thought it was deemed that the Pi was not powerful enough for fsuae...

vbs 28 November 2016 20:31

RetroPie does not only run on a Pi but also on some other platforms, for example x86 as in my case. I am running it on a NUC i5 which is really fun cause everything runs as smooth as it should :)
On x86 you get some more packages in RetroPie and also fs-uae :)

ztronzo 04 December 2016 01:21

vbs I have seen this before... and from my understanding,
technically it grabs the word "DISK" and displays words it until the next special character appears.. "() []"
you can work-around this by renaming the adf file from "something_something_disk3.adf" to "something_something_d3.adf"

Cutting the long filenames to make them appear shorter in the display menu seems to be done on purpose by the developer..
I am not sure if there is any option to stop the long filename cutting, but fixing this might cause you more problems not being able to see the full filename in the FS-UAE F12-menu when they are too long..

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