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DamienD 27 December 2015 13:28

Games - Best Resolution + Horizontal & Vertical + Position
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Hello there guys,

From setting up / configuring over 1100 games (see this thread: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=80841) I came across, made notes for various games in terms of:

... the best resolution to use in.
... whether or not to have horizontal / vertical centering on or off.
... if the above is off then horizontal / vertical positioning to get the image centered.

Best resolution:

The majority of games work best with a default resolution of 640 x 480 but there are a few that needed a higher resolution in order to see all graphics on screen. 720 x 576 does the trick quite well in these cases; note that I had to set this custom resolution in my graphics card utilities first.

See attached "WinUAEv3.2.2_720x576.txt" ;)

Centering / Positioning:

The majority of games work well with "horizontal" + "vertical" centering switched on in WinUAE and there's no issue. As Toni has mentioned in some threads though; sometimes having these on can do strange things. One example is scrolling graphic jerking / jumping, another is graphics cut off the screen...

For games that experience the above I've also found that if you switch off centering then sometimes the display won't be centered when other times it still will be. So in these cases when it's not, I've had to play around with the horizontal / vertical position.

Some examples of this are "Cabal" and "Puzznic". See attached images of before and after. Both these games needed "horizontal" unticked and a "horizontal position" set as "-250".

One of the more difficult games to set an optimal resolution and then centering for is "Treasure Trap" (and it's still not perfect but the best I could get). For this I had to do the following:

... gfx_width_fullscreen=720
... gfx_height_fullscreen=576
... gfx_center_horizontal=none
... gfx_filter_horiz_offsetf=-500.000000
... gfx_center_vertical=smart
... gfx_filter_vert_offsetf=-200.000000

See attached "WinUAEv3.2.2_Centering+Horiz+Vert.txt" ;)

Anyway, you get the idea. This thread is really just to share my experience in these areas and help anyone else out who's finding the same thing. If you have these games configured already then maybe try out some of these settings I've listed to see the difference ;)

If people find this information useful then maybe a Global Mod could make it sticky?

Feel free to add any other game resolution / centering / positioning settings in this thread also :great

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