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rkauer 21 November 2008 20:33

Old cache memory as a "base" for GVP memory
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Reached in my hands two old cache memory little boards. I noticed the "strange" pinout of 'em and decide to count the pin number...

64 pins?:blased

32 on each side of the centre?:blased

Same pitch as a regular SIMM...:blased

What the hell!:cool

Just to confirm, can you guys certificate the GVP memory banks have this exact shape so I can make a pair of those ├╝ber rare 16Mb SIMM for me?;)

Of course I know I must de-solder the old cache chips and capacitors, them solder a 72pin SIMM via wires...

@Zetr0: hope this acts as a birthday gift for our friend addicted to hardware pr0n!:cheese

coze 22 November 2008 00:50

it would be one hell of a coincidence for them to be GVP pinout ... Also the SIMM in the picture has 6 chips, which isn't good omens IMHO.

rkauer 22 November 2008 05:37

I know that, mate.

I just want to confirm the pin spacement and distribution. My idea is take the chips and capacitors out and use the naked board as a base to a hack.;)

adolescent 22 November 2008 06:14

Some old AST 386/486 machines used 64 pin SIMMs. Was never sure if they were compatible with the GVP, but at least they had the right layout/number of chips.

rkauer 22 November 2008 06:23

As so old Apple II. But the SIMM are 8bits-1Mb (no chance they work as 32-bit memory on GVP boards).

My only goal is confirm dimensions and pin pitch before start hacking.;)

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