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Nightshft 04 April 2020 14:58

Turn ToolsDaemon on/off
I'm using ClassicWB lite on an A1200 (Kick 3.1).

ToolsDaemon is quite nice (especialy the hotkeys) but for certain tasks I need to be able to deactivate it.

It's possible to toggle it by just running the .exe "ToolsDaemon" in cli.
When it activates you get no response.
When it deactivates a popup window appears "ToolsDaemon terminating" including a "Proceed" button.

Is there any way to have it quit without popup window?

And I didn't find any command parameter to just turn it on or off - and don't toggle it (so when I run a script a second time it doesnt turn on again).

Help appreciated, thanks
Stay safe guys!

Ami 10 April 2020 17:56

Use CxCommander and type this in Shell:


cxcommander kill ToolManager

Nightshft 27 April 2020 21:23

Sorry I missed your answer first.
That's an interesting program.
"cxCommander kill ToolsDaemon" does stop ToolsDaemon, regretably the "I'm closing now, please click me" window still pops up.

However it still has an advantage. It does not toggle (start/stop) ToolsDaemon but it always stops it, so it's a much better choice for the startup script.
Thanks Ami :great

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