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blackcornflake 19 January 2004 01:06

Game Reviewers
We're looking to expand the APoV team, initially with game reviewers. It's an exciting opportunity for the right candidates, and also for me and Cody, as we'll consequently have less work to do.

Do you possess:

A good level of English

A decent knowledge of Amiga games

A warped sense of humour


Then we want you. :)

Please send a sample of your work to apov.editor @ abime.net.

CodyJarrett 19 January 2004 01:07

1 Attachment(s)
Also note that the email addresses in issue 1 were wrong. They are now:

the editor... - apov.editor @ abime.net
send a letter... - apov.letters @ abime.net
email about tips and hints...apov.wham @ abime.net
email about P.D. games... - apov.pdgames @ abime.net

And we'd like some more letters please. Preferably about interesting Amiga subjects or otherwise.

Do it for the APoV Newskitten. The little fella was traumatised by the kitten clay-shooting game that KombatSanta posted.

blackcornflake 09 October 2004 23:25

Hey. :)

I know you already know, but as production of APoV #3 is underway, I thought I'd issue a reminder - we are always happy to hear from peeps interested in contributing, particularly (though not exclusively) game reviews.

Got a review of Frontier in ya? Lucid critical appraisal of Bob's Bad Day the next thing on your to do list? Want to cover your favourite game before one of those APoV mugs does and gives it a crazy rating?

Then, like, get in touch.

teh 10 October 2004 12:47

What kind of things are you looking for? I have a wide range of Amiga floppy disks, coverdisk etc.

Peanutuk 10 October 2004 16:10

Well I am willing to do more if you want. I'm more than happy to do some bigger game reviews.

blackcornflake 10 October 2004 16:52

teh: we're after stuff people might like to write about Amiga games. Game reviews, game walkthroughs, articles and any other kind of work that may make for interesting reading. No need to write a huge treatise if you don't wanna: a small, interesting/amusing morceau is just as cool.

We're not short of content - rather, I just thought it might be nice to remind the nice peeps on EAB that they are free to contribute if they want to. This is our magazine, and not an exclusive little club.

Peanut: goody. Get writing. And hit #apov once in a while ya big lug. :)

teh 10 October 2004 18:19

Sure ill give it a go :)

BippyM 11 October 2004 04:42

I have been chatting to Cody.. I'll do another review or maybe 2 this time, and I also am planning a How To.... article (Watch APoV to see what it is!!) :D

CodyJarrett 24 May 2005 21:28

Right, does anybody want to write a review for issue 3? Bippy?

BippyM 24 May 2005 21:53

Yeah I will but it wont be for a week or 2.

I just been promoted at work and I'll be working in Nottingham from next week.. Gotta get used to the travelling etc..

Muzkat 29 May 2005 09:59

What do you want written about/reviewed?

CodyJarrett 29 May 2005 10:05

Muzkat - do you want to review Navy Seals?

Muzkat 29 May 2005 15:36

I'll do it. When is the deadline, and what's the word count? Anything else I need to know?

CodyJarrett 29 May 2005 16:06

Thanks Muzkat.

There is currently no deadline although issue 3 is overdue so we'll need to try and finish it soon.

The word count depends on how much is required to review the game - but it works out at about 700 words per page.

The style I favour is slightly irreverent but informative; something that reads as the work of an Amiga maven with a sense of humour. However, some reviews in the first two issues have been from a more serious perspective.

Spelling and grammar are important and there should be absolutely no smilies or other Internet peculiarities!

Peanutuk 30 May 2005 02:28

I'm still in just make me do something....

blackcornflake 05 June 2005 20:26

Okay. Write a review of Savage. http://hol.abime.net/1839

All contributors:

Email reviews to apov.editor at abime.net

Plain text files are cool. Use Word format if you wanna. It's the words that matter, not the format.

Okay? Cool. :)

BippyM 06 June 2005 04:32

Bloody hell BC is still alive :D

blackcornflake 06 June 2005 14:13

Course. :cool

Corny borny is foreverorny.

/me hugglesnugs Bippyboo

Get writin. And go get these fools for me when you got time.

Peanutuk 06 June 2005 14:21

RE: Savage. How many words?

blackcornflake 06 June 2005 14:34

The average is 1000-1300. More is okay if you have lots and lots to say about a game. Feel free to write in an irreverent but informative style, kinda like AP used to. So large tracts that hardly refer to the game itself are fine. As long as it's amusing.

If you have any specific ideas re boxouts or other aspects of the review layout, mention those too.

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