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DamienD 22 November 2015 23:34

Arcadia Multi Select System - Issue with games
Apologies if the answer to this has been already answered somewhere. Did a search but couldn't find anything similar...

My issue is that I can't play most games, for example:

... Leader Board Golf
... Ninja Mission
... Sidewinder
... Xenon

Keyboard Layout 2 is selected for Game Port 2. All games get to the title screen, I insert credits using 5 or 6 (like Mame) and press 1 to start. Usually I then get a screen asking to press the Fire button but when I do I don't get further :sad

Aaargh!!! works perfectly using the above method (which is really the reason why I thought I'd given Arcadia a try) ;)

Anyone tell me what I'm missing?

s2325 22 November 2015 23:37

These games may be rewritten for port 1 as there is no mouse in arcade cabinet.

DamienD 23 November 2015 00:31

Thank you s2325.

Before coming back to EAB I tried setting Port 0 = Keyboard Layout A and Port 1 = Keyboard Layout B.

Also used "Arcadia Multi Select system" Quickstart but still the same issue unfortunately.

s2325 23 November 2015 00:33

You can try asking on YouTube as some of Arcadia games have recorded longplays.

DamienD 23 November 2015 00:54

Just connected my 2 x Xbox 360 wireless controllers. Everything works perfectly in Aaargh! (and I now have a second button) ;)

Unfortunately I can't play any of the other few Arcadia games still. Same issue as reported above.

Actually, this is really a question for Toni. Using either Keyboard Layout A, B or C the 1st fire button is mapped to 2 keys.

Is it possible to emulate a 2nd fire button via Keyboard Layouts?

DamienD 19 July 2016 21:27

Coming back to this thread after reading this recent one: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=83511

...cool tip about running in NTSC mode ;)

Tested some more Arcadia games tonight and all so far now seem to be working :great

HOL lists these 18 x Arcadia titles (2 are MIA): http://hol.abime.net/hol_search.php?N_ref_hardware=18

The Arcadia ROMs that I currently have in my WinUAE setup are as follows:


Noticed that there a few versions of the same game; am I missing anything or is what I have the complete Arcadia set (minus the 2 x MIA obviously)?

DamienD 20 July 2016 00:03

Scrap "NTSC"; some games run / music too fast i.e. RoadWars so have now changed back to PAL ;)

Added all the games that I want really:

... Aaargh! [Arcadia].uae
... Delta Command [Arcadia].uae
... Leader Board [Arcadia].uae
... Magic Johnson's Fast Break [Arcadia].uae
... Ninja Mission [Arcadia].uae
... Roadwars [Arcadia].uae
... SideWinder [Arcadia].uae
... Spot [Arcadia].uae
... Xenon [Arcadia].uae

The question still remains though; am I missing anything or is what I have the complete Arcadia set (minus the 2 x MIA obviously)?

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