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TheCorfiot 13 September 2008 14:25

Thanks for the comments guys


I used an very old VGA Card & cut it down to size, The one side slots between the RF shield & the lowercase next to the mouse port.
The other side due to the slight angle on the Case's interor is fixed by leaving some sharp teeth on the bracket & this grips quite happily into the corner of the case. I'm surprised as to how solid & stable it is but it is holding well.
I didn't want to use Hot glue & felt the original plastic bracket would probably not be strong enough.

What I am looking into now is a better solid fixing of the LISA socket, If you do a soft drop 10mm of the A1200 the Indivision just pops off & I wouldn't want this too happen whilst powered up.

Occasional screen glitches are also cured by lightly tapping the top of the A1200 case, so something more permanent is needed.

BTW has anyone tried the latest 40.6 HighGFX Test.iff file yet ???


viddi 13 September 2008 14:34

Interesting TC!


Originally Posted by TheCorfiot (Post 457882)
What I am looking into now is a better solid fixing of the LISA socket, If you do a soft drop 10mm of the A1200 the Indivision just pops off & I wouldn't want this too happen whilst powered up.

Really?? Oh shit. Maybe a glue gun helps?

TheCorfiot 13 September 2008 14:43

1 Attachment(s)

I've just had to refit the damn thing as the screen blanked & would not restore,

I'm also concerned as one corner of the LISA socket seems to be shrinking / melting, (see attatched)

Not sure if it was like this from new, can't remember

TC :nervous

viddi 13 September 2008 14:52

Do not fear my friend. ;)
I checked mine. It´s the same. Must be a production issue.

TheCorfiot 13 September 2008 15:01


Originally Posted by viddi (Post 457887)
Do not fear my friend. ;)
I checked mine. It´s the same. Must be a production issue.

Thanks for that Viddi, during the refit I checked LISA's Temp & she was not very hot, to be honest I didn't think the temperature would rise sufficiently to melt the socket.

Don't understand why the sockets have been reworked like this however as there does not seem to be anything on the Mobo to obstruct it.

How are you finding stability ?


DDNI 13 September 2008 15:10

Just home from Rugby practice with my sons, a glorious sunny morning here in Ulster.
What I wonder could improve such a wonderful day?

Why the delivery of my Indivision of course!!! DEEP JOY

My wife is astounded at my excitement! - New professionally packaged Amiga gear!! it simply doesn't get any better ;)

Now to find an excuse to stay indoors on the sunniest day of the year ;)

viddi 13 September 2008 15:11


Originally Posted by TheCorfiot (Post 457890)
How are you finding stability ?

To be honest, I didn´t have the time to test or check out everything concerning the Indivision.

But after its installation I really thought nothing could loose it.
It seemed so solid.

viddi 13 September 2008 15:14

Glad you finally got it, DDNI. :great

DJBase 13 September 2008 15:55

The socket has been modified because board revision 2B does have resistors on this place so the socket wouldn't fit correctly.

StevenJGore 13 September 2008 16:01

Got mine this morning! :cool

It really is a fantastic piece of kit and the picture quality is as good as everybody is saying, but just two slight complaints from me:

- It doesn't "click" onto the chip with the precision that I was expecting. I had to gently rock the board to push it on, and it feels like its going to spring off at any minute (see next comment!). The socket is flush with the motherboard, it won't push on any further.

- Has anybody else found that when you turn your A1200 upside down to put the case screws back in, the Indivision AGA falls off? I had to put the screws back in without turning the case over. :guru

I certainly have no regrets about buying it! Well done to everybody involved in making it! :great

-EDIT- Forgot to add this:



TheCorfiot 13 September 2008 16:08


Originally Posted by DJBase (Post 457906)
The socket has been modified because board revision 2B does have resistors on this place so the socket wouldn't fit correctly.

@DJ Thanks for clarifying that for us all. Brilliant.


As I have said I think we need to find a non-destructive way to secure the Indivision to LISA to provide better stability, something that would survive at least a 10mm soft drop of the A1200.
Hot Glue is a NO NO.....

Glad you like it mate it is a fantastic piece of kit & once we have a good common sense way forward of mounting the board reliably, well it get's my vote for product of the year!!!

BTW that is a cool VGA mount mod .... nice one. :great

mfletcher 13 September 2008 18:22


In contrast, here in Chicago its chucking it down right now, feels like Hurricane Ike is on our doorsteps... which is just the perfect kind of weather to be stuck inside tinkering with my new Scandoubler!

Shame it just got shipped tho... I'll just have to wait for the next bad storm front I guess :D

DDNI 13 September 2008 18:39

Chucking it down and hurricanes = Lightening !! Unplug everything and hide under the table!!! :)

Charlie 13 September 2008 18:59

Ahh, my Indivision is in too. :D

Mounted much as SG's with the slight difference that I used an old GFX card as a template so the VGA port is mounted behind rather than in the plastic if you see what I mean...
...now I have to work out where to put the port for my Blizzard's SCSI card. For now this will do but when I've had my brave pills I think I'll return the SCSI & let-in the VGA port just around the corner...

...Fantastic output - a little tearing noted on TFT @ the extreme top of the screen under 1024x768 (HighGFX). Time to go download the tweak utility I suspect...

...Hmmm, FastATA & Indivision cards:
These two are not physically compatible! I bought a BVision kit along with my Indivision & I can report that the two will happily share the A1200 mobo with the aid of two pairs of socket-risers (ROM chips)...
...BUT that's no good for a desktop case as you can't get the keyboard down!

Now, I don't particularly care as I'm on the verge of ritually burning mine but it may be a consideration to others...
...for now it can go in my other A1200 & I'll consider getting an IDEFix Express.

DJBase 13 September 2008 19:53

BVision and G-Rex 1200 also have problems with the Indivision because of space.

DDNI 13 September 2008 21:31

okay! My Indy is now installed!

GIVE ME A F*CKING SEDATIVE my nerves are wrecked!

AS IF almost totally dismantling my tower wasn't fraught enough, the pressure required to "CLICK" the Indy onto Lisa was enough to pop a nuclear sub!

the fact that my the Indy stopped my E/Box keyboard adapter from fitting, requiring some major precision cutting to get the keybard adapter in,

on top of all that THE ABSOLUTELY STONKING QUALITY of Indys output,
I should have had a least two Major strokes by now......

"Only with AMIGA" :)


I just enabled the scanline emulation...... It is truly wonderful!!!

ant512 14 September 2008 00:49

Mine was delivered yesterday, but I haven't fitted it yet. Got something of a dilemma. Which 1200 to fit it in? The posts here have whittled down my options somewhat. It won't fit in my tower because I've got a keyboard adaptor plugged into it (probably the same one as DDNI, but I don't fancy cutting things). Shame, because there's a spare VGA-sized hole on the back plate of my CV64/3D. It won't fit in my desktop 060 because that's got a Prelude in it that sits in the clockport, and it looks like the scandoubler blocks that. And I'm not sure it'll fit in my 030 desktop either, as that one has a big old 2.5" drive in it and I was planning on putting my Delfina in that at some point (it won't work with an 060 accelerator, so the 030 is the only option for that card).

I might have to move the Prelude into the 030, put the scandoubler in the 060, and just sell the Delfina (I've never used it and don't imagine I will, really).

Charlie 14 September 2008 01:15

-My A1200 has a subway plugged into the clockport & the Indivision does not get in the way - If your prelude is connected by a cable there will be no problem.
-Also the Lyra & the Indivision are compatible, assuming it's a Lyra you're using as a keyboard adapter.

DJBase 14 September 2008 01:26

Which version of delfina you are selling? the newer or the old one?

ant512 14 September 2008 01:31

The Prelude (the large PCB, anyway - it's split into two) fits directly onto the clockport and overlaps it considerably. I don't think it's possible to have it fitted at the same time as the new scandoubler. Could be wrong, as I'm just working off the photos posted here, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Could give it a try, perhaps.

The Delfina is the new one by Individual.

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