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NovaCoder 25 July 2008 06:29

Santa's come early... A new scandoubler from Individual Computers
Indivision 1200 :D

Charlie 25 July 2008 14:25

Well done AmigaKit :)
(and whoever designed it)

Does anyone have a mockup of how this will look in-situ?
Just thinking of possible clashes with other stuff plugged-into my mobo.

amigakit.com 25 July 2008 14:29

It was made by Individual Computers

Here is the picture of it installed on the motherboard:


Charlie 25 July 2008 14:31

Thank you! :)

chiark 25 July 2008 15:10

Hats off to all involved in this - great news!

(Just found out more about HighGFX - that's a great hack!)

keropi 25 July 2008 15:19

allready pre-ordered mine :spin

T_hairy_bootson 25 July 2008 15:29

Ordered and salivating.

StevenJGore 25 July 2008 15:47

I can't see a pre-order button on the page? How do we pre-order?

Toni Wilen 25 July 2008 16:05

Does it really support all listed features when it is released or is it "planned" to support listed features with "future" firmware updates, like Catweasel MK 4? :)

chiark 25 July 2008 16:28

Click the "Buy now" button on that page, perhaps? ;) (Below description of item, on the right)

Methanoid 25 July 2008 16:52

Good to see new hardware but ouch is it expensive or what. I'm sure AMigakit aren't taking an extraordinary cut on top but give volumes of Amiga sales it's getting damn expensive. Gotta be cheaper to save the money towards a clone-A in due course! ;)

amigakit.com 25 July 2008 16:58

@Toni Wilen
All product features listed are included initially


Thank you!

alexh 25 July 2008 17:01

It is a bit more than I had hoped. Roughly 2x the price of an external off the shelf 16-bit scandoubler.

But it will be 100x better than any external scandoubler.

Like Toni, I too hope that it is a finished product.

Shame the design could not have become an uber-basic RTG GFX card as well :(

I guess you cannot have everything, too much investment me thinks.

adolescent 25 July 2008 17:34


Originally Posted by alexh (Post 437066)
But it will be 100x better than any external scandoubler.

Not 100x better than an XRGB-2.

gklinger 25 July 2008 17:59

I gotta ask what may be a stupid question here. Where does the output go? Do you have to wire up a VGA port somewhere or does it put the scan doubled/flicker fixed/vitamin infused video out the RGB port? I've read everything I can on this thing but this nugget of information eludes me.

keropi 25 July 2008 18:05

there is a ribbon with a vga port... you must mount that on the A1200 case, preferably on the expansion port...

klx300r 25 July 2008 18:06

YAHOOOOOO:great pre-ordered mine:D:spin

mfletcher 25 July 2008 18:34


@Alexh, quit yer whinging and get one now! Or 12 months from now you'll be moaning about the fact that scandoublers/flickerfixers are fetching ridiculous prices on FleaBay :D

DDNI 25 July 2008 18:34

ordered mine!!!!

Zetr0 25 July 2008 18:38


no funds till end of august..... :(

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