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king2k 31 December 2013 02:43

ClassicWB lite on a1200 + Apollo 1220 turbo 4MB
I have installed classicWB lite on a 4GB cf card with winuae. The card has 2 partitions. I used default settings in hdtoolbox except for the max transfer that was changed to 1fe00.

All works fine in winuae, however when using the cf card in my amiga 1200 it will boot and get into workbench. Problem is when I try to open one of the drives or any other icon (menu/shell etc). Then it hangs with the loading cursor and usually it says on the top "starting iconx" or something similar.

I can boot with a wb 3.0 floppy and access the cf partritions without any issues.

Removing the apollo 1220 turbo card will allow the classicWB to work from the cf card, but of course without the extra 4MB ram it becomes rather slow.

Anyone had similar issues?

my setup:
Amiga 1200 rev 1d
Apollo 1220 turbo + 4MB
noname ide to cf adapter (the kind with both 3.5" and 2.5" ide connector)
Sandisk Ultra 4GB card

Bloodwych 02 January 2014 17:10

I'm completely lost when it comes to real Amiga hardware conflicts as only have WinUAE to test on these days.

Hope someone with a similar card can help. You can always try the multiboot options and boot into Safe mode, also try and disable some of the components under settings to see if one of those is causing an issue.

fitzsteve 02 January 2014 17:40

Do you have another IDE adapter to try? I've noticed some conflicts in the past particularly with Apollo cards!

king2k 02 January 2014 19:15

I dont have any other ide to cf adapters here. I just ordered one from dx.com for 2.7$. One review said it works on a600, so why not try it :)

I tried to format with dfferent max transfer rates, but the same hang in workbench happend. ClassicWB safe mode also tested but without any improvement.

Anyway I will leave it as is for now and wait for the new ide to cf adapter.

Thanks for the help:)

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