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dreamkatcha 16 June 2002 17:53

Name that Turrican clone
Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could help me remember the name of an old arcade game I first saw while I was on holiday many years ago. I call it a 'Turrican clone' but it's likely that it was made before Turrican. Anyway it's a futuristic shooty platform game where you play a red cyber robot type dude much like in Turrican, but there's less scope for climbing vertically as there is with Turrican. Each time you completed a mission you'd get the choice of which planet to visit next a bit like in Parasol Stars.

I think it was probably an arcade-only game. I wished at the time that I had it for the Amiga, but I don't think it was ever released for that platform. Any ideas?

Uukrul 16 June 2002 17:56

Soldier of Light?

dreamkatcha 16 June 2002 18:43

Hey, you don't waste any time, thanks! :) I've been wracking my brains on and off for years trying to get to the bottom of this.

Soldier of Light didn't sound familiar so I looked it up at coinop.org and found this info...


Apparently it's also known as Xain'd Sleena - that's what the version I played was called, but it's the same game.

Now where did I put Mame? :D

Shatterhand 16 June 2002 19:02

I believe it was released for Amiga too.. it wasn't?

I am sure it's available for MSX and Spectrum ...

Oh, and I think it sux, even the arcade game.... :)

dreamkatcha 17 June 2002 02:23

Hey, you're right! You learn something new every day. :D

Here it is: http://www.amigagames.com/gage/s/soldieroflight.html

I'll have to get the Amiga version too.

Oh by the way I just realised you have a whole forum just for 'name that game' posts like this one. Sorry for not using it. :o

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