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Galaxy 04 September 2006 11:59

What's this? : parallel port thing
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Does anyone know what this is for (see attachment).

I got it with a pile of amiga stuff recently, and thought "oh, another cyclone cartridge" when I saw it. However, it is not a cyclone, or any other type of copy cartridge as it has the correct no. of pins for the parallel or serial port (or scsi I guess).

I think it is for the parallel port due to the direction that the screws are set - ie it is designed to be screwed into a female connector. It has a pass-thru and when you open it up there are two chips wired onto a small board inside. There are no markings on the board or case to identify it.

jabsy 04 September 2006 12:14

Software protection dongle???

I love getting old boxes of assorted unknown junk, you never know what treasures you might find.

DrBong 04 September 2006 18:38

What jabsy said. Could also be a parallel to SCSI adapter for Amiga HDs like the Tiny Tiger or Paradox. My dark horse pick is the CIA Guard by Phoenix Microtechnologies. What does the outside of the device look like? Plain gray plastic with no distinctive patterns? Any evidence that a sticker might have come off the outside?

Secret Vampire 04 September 2006 19:05

It's on stripboard or perfboard, so it's probably home made, or prototype.
the lower chip is a tri-state buffer, not sure what the upper is as I can't read the markings.
I had a quick look in hard/hack, but couldn't see any likely candidates.

Galaxy 05 September 2006 00:59

Thanks for the replies.

@DrBong - outside of case is very plain, no evidence of any stickers.

@Secret Vampire - i'll have another check of the insides later and note down the chip ids.

_ThEcRoW 05 September 2006 01:06

Maybe a clock cartridge?

alexh 05 September 2006 01:44

74LS244 is an Octal Line buffer


I wonder if it is a game dongle but it's not Robocop 3 as it is a mouse dongle it seems to easy to copy though.

If I could just see the writing on the other chip.

Galaxy 05 September 2006 11:11

Both chips are labelled

74LS244 PC
8651 U Singapore

alexh 05 September 2006 11:39


Originally Posted by Galaxy
8651 U Singapore

Hmm, I am unable to find any reference to a 20-pin PDIP chip named 8651 are you sure that is the numbering?

Galaxy 05 September 2006 12:22

I should clarify:

both the chips are identical:

top line (larger letters: 74LS244 PC); second line (smaller: 8651 U Singapore)

alexh 05 September 2006 13:19

I am wondering if this is a PC2Amiga 4 or 8-wire parallel port adapter?

Converting a 1:1 25DB cable into a PC2Amiga cable.

It would explain the "homebrew" nature of this.

When you say "It has a pass through" do you just mean it is wired to both connectors? Or do you mean it has true pass through and that parallel port data passes through it unmolested?

Can you run a printer say with this in between the amiga and the printer?

Zetr0 06 September 2006 02:33

looks remarkably like the first load of amiga-par to external IO-Mega ZIP drive...


remarkably like them.....

well thats my 2p's worth....

BippyM 06 September 2006 02:35

well you can come put your 2p's in my copper jar :D

redblade 06 September 2006 03:06

a Time machine perhaps?

Retro1234 06 September 2006 17:08

That looks like a Hardware backup/copyer to me
I got one ill open it up and see whats in side?

Jope 06 September 2006 18:54

My vote goes to it being a disk copying dongle too.

I counted only 23 pins there, not 25!

alewis 06 September 2006 20:09

@Galaxy - how many pins has it? You post indicates 25, but I can only count 23.

Its bloody similar to the gubbins of the MAC-II (blatant SCA-II rip off) hardware

alewis 06 September 2006 20:11

Um, thinking about it, there was a hardware copier combo that fitted into the parallel port... I'm going right the way back into the 80's, but it did exist.

Galaxy 07 September 2006 10:55

It is definitely 25 pin.

@alexh, i don't know if there is a direct passthru that referred to the fact that there is a female connector on one side and a male on the other.

Chain 07 September 2006 13:09

parralel buffer for iomega zip? just guessin

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