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jaypee 12 January 2004 18:04


i tried to setup a kaillera server, but i can't connect properly. My server is listed in the kaillera server list but when i run the client,
and i want to connect to it, the popup "Connecting..." is displayed 1minute, 2min, 5min, 10min,.... and nothing happens.

can anybody help me?

my server vers. : 0.86

my client v: Winuae 0.8.14 Rel 4 ,Beta1


abelthorne 12 January 2004 23:43

Are you behind a firewall ?

jaypee 13 January 2004 10:23

firewall? yes. but i opened every port kaillera asked me to open.

ps.: my server is displayed with a ping >1s in the master list.
but i don't need to open ports for ping command on my wlan router, do i?

a detaled list of ports to be opened wolud be helpfull??

RCK 15 January 2004 17:04

kaillera server need all the UDP port opened on your firewall.
(as the stupid server choose them randomly)

ferrycorsten 12 December 2004 19:12


Originally Posted by RCK
kaillera server need all the UDP port opened on your firewall.
(as the stupid server choose them randomly)

yeah .. and how do you do that?

RCK 12 December 2004 20:23

under linux ?

ferrycorsten 14 December 2004 14:03

windows xp. the firewall allows one port to be opened, but cannot find anything that allows all ports to be opened?

and what is the server address for the abime.net one? just 'abime.net' ??

RCK 14 December 2004 14:30

abime.net one is no more available. because all UDP ports were needed to be opened :(
I don't know how you could allow all udp port into you windows XP firewall, maybe you could try to disable the firewall to test it in LAN ?

ferrycorsten 14 December 2004 23:57

im not able to connect to any server when the server window comes up, some say incompatible version, and others say connecting, then nothing happens, just stays on connecting mode

anyone know what to do?

im mainly looking to play games over the internet at the moment

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