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Madcrow 22 November 2015 18:45

What are people doing with Amigas these days
A few things have recently caused my Amiga interest to revive (such as the rise of FS-UAE providing WinUAE-quality emulation in Linux) and as I got back into things, I started to wonder: what are people doing with their Amigas (real or emulated) these days? Obviously, there's decades of games to play and demos to watch, but what else are folks doing? Is anybody playing with analog video still? How about crafting pixel art? What about exploring 3D with older, simpler versions of C4D or Lightwave? What are folks doing on their Amiga?

Mrs Beanbag 22 November 2015 18:56

not nearly enough, in my case

Predseda 22 November 2015 19:25

Time to time i am pixelling, beside gaming. Thats all. I would like to create something in Amos Pro, but I am a bit afraid of learning that again.

Thorham 22 November 2015 20:05

Not much because I'm a lazy bum :(

eXeler0 22 November 2015 22:37

I have to admit my Amiga activity was pretty low for a bunch of years (fairly non existent even in ~year 2000-2010) , but revived yet again (its a periodical thing) because of the hardware activity that's still ongoing (FPGA projects, stuff Jens does.. and software stuff like Nova Coder's ports. It made me curious how the old "impossible" stuff could run on the A1200 after all.
When I do fire up the A1200 these days, its for short gaming or demo sessions.
I used to be a Wiz @ Imagine in the 90s but I don't know where to begin if I'd try to explain how badly 3d software has aged on the Amiga ;-)
I also used a lot of Dpaint bac in the day but "pixelating" doesn't happen a lot these days. Photoshop does all the work now. ;-)

Right now I'm doing "pointless" stuff like hardware modding a badly yellowed A500 (spray paint, 1MB chip mod, gotek drive). :nuts

Looking forward to seeing the Vampire 2 in action, because without it, I don't know if I'll ever fire up the old A600 anymore ;-)

Devlin 23 November 2015 09:39

I play games on mine, occasionally tinker in PPaint or use some tool that I (re)discovered from way back when I was a kid.

My latest vice on Amiga has been Transplant, a rotatey shoot-em-up that's quite enjoyable.

onkelarie 23 November 2015 09:45

I still play hybris one or two times each year. Apart from that, I'm mainly hunting missing adf's, doing nostalgia reading from docdisks and keeping a monitor on the occasional new classic amiga release.

TenLeftFingers 23 November 2015 17:47

I use mine to edit documents stored on the network. Devlin's rotatey game makes me want to learn to create a game I had in mind though.

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Akira 23 November 2015 20:45

DJing using my own software


LuMan 23 November 2015 21:53

Heh, an obvious question that doesn't seem to get asked. Good going, Madcrow :)

Currently pushing my Blitz skills a bit, trying to produce my first proper 'full' game. This has also forced me to work harder at pixel art in Paint IV, as well as messing about with ProTracker to get some semblance of music added. This has also resulted in me loading a boot-load of Mods into Hippoplayer and leaving it running in the background while I 'work'.

I've also been playing a LOT of old games on WHDLoad. Currently hooked on The Addams Family for some reason. Giving me a lot of inspiration for GogoPogo!

I also love booting up demos. Some for the metal-banging coding brilliance, and some for pure nostalgia (Station At Khern, Vision Megademo IV, AGA-Demo, etc..).

Luckily I work from home a lot, so can have a Miggy up and running next to me. :)

@Predseda - Don't be scared! Start learning again. You'll be amazed at how quickly it'll all come flooding back.

@Akira - That! Is! Totally! Awesome! :D

Bamiga2002 23 November 2015 22:21

Haven't had time OR money to play or upgrade my Amigas...oh, the A500 & CD32 turbocards that i'm awaiting aren't even finished yet :D

Madcrow 24 November 2015 00:55

To answer my own question: I also mainly play around with games and watch demos. My real hardware (an NTSC A500 with only a trapdoor RAM expansion and external floppy drive as extras) isn't great, but emulation has gotten amazing. I also like some of the "creative" software available: though my musical and artistic skill is limited, puttering around with simple pixel graphics in DPaint or composing simple tunes in Bars n' Pipes is still fun (though that requires a boot into Windows as FS-UAE doesn't do MIDI yet).

Jackoland 24 November 2015 01:10

Today I cleaned the house whilst the Amiga played various mods and demos. Mostly play games, do some dpaint and try to relive my youth, you can never go back!

Shatterhand 24 November 2015 03:58

Playing games, basically :)

I am an avid gamer, and I still enjoy the 80s and 90s games like I enjoy modern ones. So modern systems have as much gameplay time as the older ones.

And I just deeply love Amiga games :D

keito 27 November 2015 18:03

While I have whdload games installed, I mainly use my Amiga 1200/30 for demoscene stuff including tracking with various trackers. I enjoy tinkering with the system too and getting the most out of it and customizing etc too.

edd_jedi 27 November 2015 18:05

I enjoy the hardware tinkering side of it, and playing games. I don't really do any productivity on it, although do occasionally fire up IRC.

twiggy 27 November 2015 19:29

Games mostly. Also as a dumb terminal for a Linux box.

Thorham 27 November 2015 20:03


Originally Posted by twiggy (Post 1053134)
Also as a dumb terminal for a Linux box.

Sacrilege :mad

TenLeftFingers 27 November 2015 20:18


Originally Posted by twiggy (Post 1053134)
Games mostly. Also as a dumb terminal for a Linux box.

Twiggy, how are you logging in? I thought encrypted methods aren't supported yet from Amiga, like sftp, ssh etc.

Daedalus 28 November 2015 00:04

I do some coding, some hardware modding, listening to music, the odd bit of graphics work, and play some games.

In fact, I'm hosting a SWOS tournament next weekend for a bunch of friends - nothing like a few beers and a SWOS tournament :)

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