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zachinator 04 June 2018 06:07

Amiga OS 4.1 Classic CD Error Returncode 10

I am trying to install Amiga OS 4.1 Classic in Amiga Forever using The Amiga 4000 PPC emulator in Amiga Forever.

I am following all the instructions and I keep getting this error when trying to boot the CD from the floppy image.

I get error CD Error Return Code 10
and I can't get any further than this error message and can't find anything about this error on the Internet.

If someone has information on this error any help would be much apprecated.

This happens both when I try to use Amiga Forever on Windows 10 or on Windows XP and same error.

thomas 04 June 2018 10:28

Return code 10 just means "error". There is no specific meaning of this code.

There might be a reason code stored in dos.library. Try to enter "why" at the command prompt, just after the error.

Also search the startup-sequence script for any occurence of ">NIL:" and remove all of them. Then you might get a more meaningful error message.

Why do you need a floppy image? A properly configured CyberstromPPC can boot directly from the CD.

Make sure that the CD drive is connected to one of the supported controllers, i.e. the IDE port of the A4000 or the SCSI bus of the CSPPC. (To boot from CD it must be connected to the CSPPC SCSI.)

PeterK 04 June 2018 18:48

If the CD already starts booting, but then suddenly stops, it could also be caused by a wrong OS4 network card or a missing Internet connection in WinUAE (bsdsocket.library) or through the firewall. Since I didn't want any software to make home calls, I've removed the network card from the A4000 PPC configuration and booted again. That worked on my OS 4.0 Classic installation.

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