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Nico 27 April 2002 00:30

Sensi v1.2
OK I can't find Sensible Soccer v1.2 anywhere...v1.1 np, SWOS np, but v1.2 is a tough one...All I get is zipped .txt or zipfiles that are not valid....I'd be mighty appreciative if someone would be kind enuff to upload it for me, thanx :great

Nico 27 April 2002 22:41

Now wouldn't you know...

Yup you guessed it, I finally found a working .adf, guess what I'll be doing tonight :D

johnctm 28 April 2002 14:42

any chance you could upload v1.2 to the zone ??
iv'e lost mine after a small hd accident,
it would be much appreciated, cheers:great

Nico 28 April 2002 19:12

[HomerSimpson]Done and done...[/HomerSimpson]

Nico 28 April 2002 20:45

D'oh....Just realized I uploaded a sensi, where I made changes to most of the teams....Unchanged Sensi v1.2 is up...

To any mods/admins; feel free to delete the first Sensi I uploaded :)

johnctm 29 April 2002 14:11

thanks nico:great :great

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