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ElectroBlaster 21 June 2002 00:30

How can I snapshot WB on Uae?
Hi guys!

I know this is a kinda funny question but I want to be able to grab a workbench screen from uae running in RTG picasso mode too show to a m8 who thinks the amiga is crap!

This would show him once and for all that with a bit of setting up an amiga can be as good or if not better than a pc LOL!



Drake1009 21 June 2002 00:58

I think WinUAE has a feature for dumping avi. Otherwise you could press the PrintScreen key. The screendump should be in your clipholder ready to paste into your favorite image program. I don't know if this works for RTG modes.

sarek2k 21 June 2002 01:07

Yeah that works does for me :)

print screen key then alt-tab and paste into your art package!

works in games too, (best without scanlines)

Drake1009 21 June 2002 11:37

When hunting for screendumps I usually have a program called clipmate open. It extends your clipboard so you can just keep pressing printscreen, it'll store them all, then you can weed out in them afterwards.

Twistin'Ghost 21 June 2002 13:52

Wow, that sounds terribly useful. Is this a freeware/shareware app? Where does one obtain said tool?

Paul 21 June 2002 14:01

Here is some info...



You may evaluate ClipMate for 30 days, AND 30 uses (for example: you could run it 100 times during 30 days, or it may take you 30 months to reach 30 uses). After that time, you must either purchase a license for continued use, or discontinue use of the software.

Twistin'Ghost 21 June 2002 14:39

Thanks, Paul. Seems a bit pricey to me...

Drake1009 21 June 2002 14:45

Another alternative is Hypersnap. A program made for snapping screenshots. You press the button and it will save it for you. It will (in comparison to clipmate which just extends the clipboard) also grab overlay screens if you have a supported card. That means you could grab DVD pictures or 3D rendered game pictures.

Twistin'Ghost 21 June 2002 14:52

Hypersnap I have a copy of, I just haven't ever installed it. Sounds like something I should take a look at.

ElectroBlaster 21 June 2002 18:47

YEY! thanx guys thats made me very happy :D
Since getting this UAE working with picasso96 and os3.9 i have found myself using this more than windblows LOL!

It takes me back to when the amiga was more important than a pc and i just love showing this stuff off to m8's who think the amiga is old hat and crap!

thanx again :D

ElectroBlaster 21 June 2002 19:21

Done it :D

I installed Hyper snap DX and it works great :)

Drake1009 22 June 2002 11:54

I don't use hypersnap since I usually take the snapshots in windowed mode, crop them, reduce them in color. Something you can't get hypersnap to do for you.

Akira 22 June 2002 16:42

I wonder why the PC Windows platform has only ONE sodding clipboard space... Even the Amiga has many!

Twistin'Ghost 22 June 2002 21:37

Because it's shite. Hey, ever tried to move several directories on a hard drive to a different folder on the same hard drive? If you do this on the Amiga, no matter how many, it's an instant affair (because internally it's just a rename function). But try this on a PC. It has to physically move from one folder to the next as if it's truly moving it from one device to another.

When they did the final ripoff from Win3.x to W95, they stole a lot of cosmetics, but it seems they were clueless how these things really worked.

Toni Wilen 23 June 2002 00:09


But try this on a PC. It has to physically move from one folder to the next as if it's truly moving it from one device to another.
I guess your PC drive is FAT32 formatted? FAT is very stupid filesystem for harddisks (but what can you expect from filesystem that was originally developed only for floppy disks..)

File move is near-instant on NTFS.

Twistin'Ghost 23 June 2002 03:11

Yeah, I'm FAT32, since I am on W98. I appreciate the differences (and improvements) in NTFS, but frankly, I'm just marginally more impressed with NT/2k as OS's. Whilst M$ improved a lot of archaic and primitive elements of the OS, they make you pay the price with hindrances. I'll not delve into those differences, because a) it's off-topic, and b) it would beget yet another flame war.

Drake1009 23 June 2002 12:28

I've not had problems with it having to physically move the files if I move the files from one dir to another on my FAT32 drive. If it was partitioned and I had to move between 2 partitions though I would have the problem.

Phiber 28 June 2002 10:40

I dont think that coding an extra button on some settings tab to snap a screenshot would be too much hassle..

What it could be like:

- A button to snap the screenshot (doh!)

-An edit field (to define the path, to which the screenshot is saved) perhaps a browse button next to it..

Possibly 2 radiobuttons to choose the format of the screenshot (BMP or JPG)

Perhaps some keyboard shortcut to take the screenshot (useful if you are in Full Screen - mode)

Vice has a similar feature in the program, why would WinUAE be any different?

Edit: This might also be useful if you have problems with your PC's Displayadapter (Overlay problems, broken videodrivers, etc.)

ElectroBlaster 28 June 2002 18:35

Phiber! thats a dam good idea m8 :)
other emulators have this option so why not uae?

Phiber 15 July 2002 10:34


Originally posted by ElectroBlaster
Phiber! thats a dam good idea m8 :)
other emulators have this option so why not uae?

Yeah! My sentiments exactly.. I Just hope Toni sees this post and gives the author's point of view into this issue..

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