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MethodGit 20 August 2001 09:29

Problems converting OS3.5 icons to NewIcon
Hello, people. You know how some patchers supply GlowIcons to their installs, and how the site GameIcons.info features tons of top quality icons? Well, I have tried many, many converters (such as Convert35Icon) and they have all failed to successfully give me the full icon. I need them to display on AmigaInABox (if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, click here for more info), which uses Scalos if any of you know what that is. Sadly it does not feature full support for OS3.5-formatted icons yet. Anyone know if there is a place where I can downloaded NewIcon versions of these top icons anywhere, or if anyone can guarantee me a *perfect* util that is 100% compatible and effective with the system I'm utilising?

Twistin'Ghost 20 August 2001 20:03

I think Marz has a WHD/JST fetish.

Frog 20 August 2001 23:06

the best way to display OS3.5 icons is to bought the OS3.5 or 3.9 ;)

In fact you can't convert most of 3.5 icons to NewIcon as NI size is limited to 93x93 and some GLOW are really bigger than this so i guess you've experienced some crash with convert35icon while trying to convert them. Perhaps you've been lucky and few of them are now in NI form.
You can still try on small GLOW icons... i wish you good luck !

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