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killergorilla 08 December 2006 11:02

Ruff n Tumble
What's going on with the Sprite on the Ruff n Tumble page?


It looks terrible!

Galaxy 08 December 2006 11:07

Looks fine to me (in both Opera 9 and IE7)

What browser you using? does it support transparent pngs?

s2325 08 December 2006 11:10

Looks ok in Firefox & Opera to me.

Ironclaw 08 December 2006 12:01

Well, the sprite has a huge black border in my IE. It should be transparent.

girv 08 December 2006 14:27

Earlier versions of IE didn't properly support transparent PNGs without a hack in the website code. I'd guess that is what is going on.

killergorilla 08 December 2006 14:34

Must be yeah, I don't remember having problems at home, and these work computers are crap :)

Ironclaw 08 December 2006 16:40

Yeah, I still have IE6 something.... but everything else is up to date :). But all transparent png pics so far I've seen (the ones I can remember) on the internet are transparent, except the one on HOL.... so they all must have used "hack" in the website code like you said.

CodyJarrett 08 December 2006 17:05

I saved some of the earlier sprites incorrectly so this may be one of them.

Ironclaw 08 December 2006 17:23

Yep, checked the picture, it's not saved as transparent.

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