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Sandro 06 September 2013 20:12

which is the best tennis game on the Amiga
I sense this one is the best http://hol.abime.net/1160
but I do not tried all
what do you think ?

s2325 06 September 2013 20:17

For sure Great Courts 2 have great music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuL8fwumYkg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9eQeIdt4Ho It was the only tennis game which I had as kid.

Retro-Nerd 06 September 2013 20:40

Sure, Great Courts 2. Mental Software tried to copy the great PC-Engine tennis games World Court Tennis, Final Match Tennis with their Tennis Champs & Super Tennis Champs. But they aren't really good to control.

StingRay 06 September 2013 21:37

Yes, Great Courts 2 is the best tennis game on Amiga, it's excellent!

Rob 1 06 September 2013 22:43

I was about to argue my point for pro tennis tour until I looked on HOL ;)

Very playable game :)

Retro-Nerd 06 September 2013 22:54

Well, it's also known as Pro Tennis Tour 2. The SNES sequal "Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour" is even better. :)

frikilokooo 06 September 2013 23:48

I disagree, if I remember correctly Great Court 2 doesn't let move the player,he moves automatically. I can not consider it a game good.

I don't think there's a good game of tennis on Amiga, the closest is International Tennis and the weird Smash!

Retro-Nerd 06 September 2013 23:49

That's not true. You can select computer controlled and manual running controls in Great Courts 2.

s2325 06 September 2013 23:50

Maybe on 'average' setting it will allow to move player.

Retro-Nerd 06 September 2013 23:53

Yep, it's the "average" option, "junior" is computer controlled. :)

frikilokooo 07 September 2013 00:03

I did not know that ,I will give a try.

Rob 1 07 September 2013 00:40

It used to be great on 4 player mode.

turrican3 07 September 2013 01:14

Yeap, Great Courts 2 forever !!!!! :spin:spin:spin:spin

Cpt. Hindsight 07 September 2013 08:12

Center Court Tennis could have been a great game, but unfortunately it's much too fast.
Great Courts 2 is probably the best tennis game on the Amiga, but there are better ones on other platforms (e.g. Final Match Tennis).

dlfrsilver 07 September 2013 09:44

Tennis cup 1 and 2 :)

Retro-Nerd 07 September 2013 15:27

Nah, Tennis Cup has a completely wrong angle for Tennis and splitscreen for 2-players. I had more fun with the Hugo games. :rolleyes

But it's true. Old Tennis games should be played on consoles.

PC-Engine = World Court Tennis, Final Match Tennis
SNES = Jimmy Connors, Smash Tennis
Dreamcast = Virtua Tennis 1+2

alkis21 07 September 2013 15:39

I'm probably alone in this, but after I played Center Court Tennis I never returned to Great Courts 2 (which I'd played to death till then). I think it's 10 times better.

Retro-Nerd 07 September 2013 16:02

You mean this cheap Blitz Tennis? Another fail to copy the console Tennis games. Wrong speed/timing and ball physics. At least playable, compared to Tennis Cup.

s2325 07 September 2013 16:25

My favourite non-Amiga tennis-like is Sanrio Smash Ball for SNES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foQKwjG9W3c Maybe it's more like air hockey but you need to press button to hit ball. My first was Atari Tennis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RLg5M3XCiw

dlfrsilver 07 September 2013 16:41

And should i add that GC1 or GC2 had lower marks in the magazines than TC1 or TC2.

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