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Kenshigros 11 February 2019 15:08

Dragon Slayer from Linel?
Difficult to discuss about this game which has never been released.
What I want to know if it exists as a demo ?
I see people coming and saying.No,not at all.Dragon sequence has been used in another game (Ring of Medusa),a C64 non-playable demo exists etc etc.
But..there are so many different pictures out there in magazines that I find very strange there weren t any demo or animation set ?
If anyone knows anything apart from what we all know already from the net It will be very helpful because this game is like a treasure to me.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my french



Frog 11 February 2019 16:09

I too was very interested in this game and very surprised and disappointed that it was not finalized.
It might have looked a little like Barbarian or Skrull, but I would argue that it would have been much better.
I don’t have any more information than the Tilt magazines, Generation 4, published at the time.

Bon courage dans vos recherches

Kenshigros 11 February 2019 16:43

...taken from another website (GTW64)
....Created by Hans Ippisch who was interviewed in an old magazine. A question posed to him was about any unfinished projects which were gathering dust. His reply was that he had started on a game called “Dragon Slayer”, which only one level was ever almost finished.....

The best way is to try contacting him but couldn t
I have the strange feeling this guy was more on C64 conversion or it is just me...

solidcore 16 February 2019 17:03

get a hold of Hans Ippisch :)

malko 20 August 2019 02:19

Has anything been found regarding "Dragon Slayer" from Linel ?
(bottom of page)

SquawkBox 17 September 2019 21:21

I've just put the C64 demo in the Zone if you folks would be interested in checking it out.

malko 18 September 2019 01:24

Thank you for the info.
Didn't get the C64 file now but based on your post found this info.
Would be cool if the sister demo for Amiga was available :)


Retro-Nerd 18 September 2019 03:03

A few parts from the unreleased game were later used in Rings of Medusa Gold. After Starbyte took the game and wanted to make a Barbarian clone (Warrior of Darkness) out of the Dragon Slayer idea.

Nova 18 September 2019 12:49

dragon slayer, gore, lightquest - still waiting for them, haha.


DamienD 18 September 2019 12:57


Originally Posted by Nova (Post 1346266)
dragon slayer, gore, lightquest - still waiting for them, haha.


You can get 3 x demo versions of "Light Quest" in this archive that Denis uploaded a while back: /TheZone/files/_2017/Lightquest_Unreleased [Lightquest [unreleased] acquired by dlfrsilver...].zip

DamienD 18 September 2019 13:46

...or you can get the files from TOSEC:

Nova 18 September 2019 18:32

@damiend - thank you for the links :)

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