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loonsta 22 June 2020 07:11

amiga.org forum account awaiting admin approval for ages?
Any ideas how to get this sorted?

"Your account is still awaiting admin approval."

Samurai_Crow 22 June 2020 07:21

The current administrators are not online very often but both Amiga.org and AmigaWorld.net are owned by AmigaKit. I don't know if Matthew is the admin but if you need to post something, you may be able to use contact information at http://amigakit.com/ to find who the admin is.

lesta_smsc 22 June 2020 11:23

Just out of curiosity, any benefits of these forums over EAB?

Jope 22 June 2020 11:49

All of the English speaking forums have a different twist.

EAB: WinUAE / 68k hardware people, quite gaming oriented, but has caches of hardware support and coding too.
AmiBay: buy and sell, but has an active support section with some hw/sw development going on in the discussion side of the forum too.
AmigaWorld: OS4 people
Morphzone: MorphOS people
Amiga.org: tries to be a bit of everything, but lost its momentum due to the long hiatus when it was offline

lilalurl 22 June 2020 11:56

And LemonAmiga provides competitors for the EAB/Lemon competition ;)

Jope 22 June 2020 12:42

Ah yeah, LemonAmiga always manages to stay off my radar screen, even though Lemon64 pops up for me all the time. :-)

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