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JJKom 03 September 2016 19:17

Final Calc conversation
Hi all!

After having to switch from my loved Amiga few years ago, I had working Amithlon for some time.
Several hardware and OS changes later I lost any working emulator. :bash
I still have full backup of my system in CD though.

Now I am asking if here is anyone who could help me to convert few Final Calc files to CSV or any other format that is usable with Libre/OpenOffice?



emufan 03 September 2016 21:01

the only format FinalCalc can save-to is Lotus 1-2-3, which OpenOffice can read.
but i have no clue how accurate this conversation will be.
I cannot find any other format it supports.

JJKom 03 September 2016 22:22

Thanks, Lotus 1-2-3 would be enough, and small errors are not a problem.
Problem is that I have those files in FC sheet- format and no working Amiga to convert them!

emufan 03 September 2016 22:36

using winuae with your backup system on cd would be a good way.
but i can convert your files, if you send me a link with the files,
upload them on zippyshare and send me a PM with the link.

JJKom 03 September 2016 22:43

I have been trying to get WinUAE working, but no luck.
I'm in process of clearing startup-sequence now, maybe that helps.

I had A3000 with 68040, 128MB ram and CV64 gfx.

emufan 03 September 2016 23:06

you can try to start without startup-sequence ( hold both mouse keys) - early startup-menu.
or rename it to maybe startup-sequence-off.
after boot - on shell/cli prompt:
assign env: ram:
assign t: ram:
maybe it does boot into a default screenmode this way so you can try to start FC :)

#1) i've uploaded the converted files on zippyshare, just check your pm.

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