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alewis 31 August 2012 00:53

Free to good home

Been a while.... :-)

Having a massive clearout prior to moving, and throwing away a Compq server I forgot I had. Anyway, inside is 128MB of RAM, in 60ns 32MB SIMMS (possibly EDO) I seem to remember using similar in my old 4000's a few years back.

So, if any use to anyone, first to send me an SSAE gets them; PM me for details.


alewis 11 September 2012 21:27

No one? Free, as in free free free, other than cost of postage. Heck, send me 2 1st class stamps and your address, I'll provide the jiffy bag and make up the postage if needed.

prowler 11 September 2012 22:35

Hi Al,

I would like those SIMMs if you still have them, please. :)

I wouldn't wish to see you go empty-handed for them. Can you accept PayPal? :nervous

If so, I'll send you a PM.

Thanks. :great

alewis 11 September 2012 23:00

they is yours

Sidcup... I used to live in Chatham, and go to ICPUGSE at Biggin Hill. Do I know you?

prowler 11 September 2012 23:10


Originally Posted by alewis (Post 839044)
they is yours

Thanks! :)


Originally Posted by alewis (Post 839044)
Sidcup... I used to live in Chatham, and go to ICPUGSE at Biggin Hill.

Small world! :D Chatham's just down the A2 from here. I used to go to computer fairs quite reguarly a few years ago at Buckmore Park.


Originally Posted by alewis (Post 839044)
Do I know you?

I doubt it. That's as near as I've ever been to Chatham.

PM on the way! :great

seuden 12 September 2012 10:57

I was born in Chatham if you mean Chatham in Medway?

alewis 12 September 2012 23:42

Yep, but I think you were about 10 when I was there :-)

prowler 15 September 2012 00:06


Originally Posted by alewis (Post 839044)
they is yours

Thankyou very much for those SIMMs, Alan! I received them this morning.:great

And you've no idea how much I appreciate that 80-pin SCSI hard drive. I need just such a drive to dump an image of a Kyocera KC-30B hard disk.

It is an RLL hard drive, and the controllers need an ISA slot, so I have to use an old motherboard and I can't use an IDE hard drive to boot the machine because the RLL controller uses the primary hard drive port address and interrupt, so only a SCSI drive will work as a boot drive and destination for the hard disk image and none of my SCSI hard drives is presently available for this.

So thanks again! :)

alewis 19 September 2012 00:01

No worries, glad it was of use.

RLL!!! Blimey, that dates me. I remember using a 40mb (yep, thats Megabytes, children), on an IBM PS/2 Model 30...

I still had a couple of ISA controller cards until I sold my A4000s, and an IDE RAID controller card or two. I wont ask why anyone would want to keep a Kyocera.. XT or AT? (I still have the Aug 1985 PCW which reviewed the A1000, and a iirc a Kyocera PC)

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