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prb28 08 June 2019 12:21

Trying to find author of 68000 instruction set documentation
I would like to add a documentation of each 68000 instruction in the vscode extension. https://github.com/prb28/vscode-amig...mbly/issues/75

I found this document http://www.tigernt.com/onlineDoc/68000.pdf that looks really grood but I would ask the author the permission to use it.

Do you know who he is and where it came from?

If not do you know some other good sources to extract this kind of documentation?

phx 08 June 2019 15:01

"H. Xin" sounds chinese. And there is also a page with chinese letters. Judging from the site's content I doubt he (or she) was ever in contact with the Amiga scene.

prb28 08 June 2019 15:13

Yes, I agree, it's just an access to a document found elsewhere.

Leffmann 08 June 2019 15:17

There's a date, november 1996, and it's clear from the content that it's a scan of a printed book.

Of course, all information on the M68K originally comes from Motorola. NXP are the current owners of the IP, and their website at nxp.com had all the reference manuals last time I checked.

prb28 08 June 2019 16:29

Yes it looks like the Motorola reference manual with some additions.
Thanks, I'll ask nxp.

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