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ZeggyZon 26 March 2018 01:43

Looking for Juggler picture.
Not the famous juggler that everyone is familiar with but a different juggler I remember seeing.

I remember seeing a picture of a fat guy in a suit juggling 3 glass balls on a stage with plants (I think). I thought this image was included with sculpt 4d as a demonstration of what sculpt 4d could do compared to sculpt 3d. I searched sculpt 4d .adf images and could not find it. Google search could not find it.

I could me mis-remembering which 3d program was used to create it which is why its difficult for me to locate it.

If anyone has the picture it would be greatly appreciated, if anyone has the scene file that would be amazing.


chip 26 March 2018 10:20

Sadly i don't have the picture you are looking for :(

Anyway, welcome to the forum ZeggyZon :D

Arnie 26 March 2018 17:43

Try searching this site. I'm sure this has been asked for before.

ZeggyZon 06 April 2018 08:19

I found the picture after all. It was on my original A1200 hard drive image, I just had to look more closely. It was under Sculpt 3DXL Images folder like I remembered but I had several 3DXL directories so I had overlooked it.


Again if anyone has a better quality version or the scene file it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and its called the Juggling Clerk.


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