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Sanxion 14 February 2018 15:35

Question about the CoProcessor in the A2630
Hi all

Does anybody know if the A2630 requires a co-processor in order to work? Also, what versions can be used. I have seen pictures of a board with the MC68882RC25A.


MigaTech 14 February 2018 16:10

It is very unlikely that the A2630 requires the FPU to work as its only purpose was to lighten the load on the CPU, in specific software demands.

Most A1200 accelerators offered the FPU as an option with a jumper setting allowing the user to select between FPU clock etc. Even your top end accelerators such as Phase 5 Blizzards were sold with omitted FPU's.

SpeedGeek 14 February 2018 18:13

No, you don't need the FPU but since the stock A2630 was shipped with a MC68882RC25 there is no good reason not to keep it (unless you want to try your luck with overclocking).

Also, if you ever want to use any optimized FPU libraries or FPU dependent software then you will certainly need it. ;)

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