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RCK 14 December 2002 22:11

HOL database is opened !
We are already recording the IRC feedback session !
But you can also comment the opening by replying here :cool


Mr Creosote 14 December 2002 22:13

I hate it already! Not that I've seen more than the front page yet ;)

Daz 14 December 2002 22:13


hal 14 December 2002 22:23

now this is a tool i might use a lot
this and the amiga hardware database
are probably be the best tools i can have

good job btw

Marcuz 14 December 2002 22:26

that's great! cool works guys!
my suggestion is tu put up some lines of recension or a ranking based on votes for the games...
anyway that's cool enough for me

RetroMan 14 December 2002 22:30

Yup :) This will definitely THE reference in Amiga Games Databases on the Net and will be usefull for everyone searching for Infos or just want to see some good game gfx :D NICE JOB :great

Steve 14 December 2002 22:35

I'm Mega-Impressed with HOL. Well done to everyone who has worked on it. You can definitely tell that a lot of work has gone into it. It was well worth the wait.

Antiriad 14 December 2002 22:51

All those are involved with HOL are to be heartily congratulated.

dreamkatcha 14 December 2002 22:52

Wow!! I'm impressed. Pretty soon I'll only have to visit one site for my Amiga needs and my bookmarks list will look like it's been on a crash diet.

I really appreciate all the effort which has gone into putting this project together, thanks. :)

Big-Byte 14 December 2002 23:18

It was well worth the wait!! Fantastic job by everyone who was involved.


Nyarlathotep 15 December 2002 00:16

Great work!
But... Day of the Tentacle AGA???
Does it exist???

Mr Creosote 15 December 2002 00:22


Originally posted by Nyarlathotep
But... Day of the Tentacle AGA???
Does it exist???

I think they're referring to ScummVM there.... would be too great to have an Amiga native version :(

CodyJarrett 15 December 2002 00:27

Yes - check out the License = Interpreted...

We list all commercial games playable on the Amiga, even if means interpreted (but not emulated, obviously).

Mr Softy 15 December 2002 00:36


:shocked :nervous :shocked

Nyarlathotep 15 December 2002 01:42


Originally posted by CodyJarrett
Yes - check out the License = Interpreted...

Ok, thanks... I was hoping in a native version. :(

Dastardly 15 December 2002 02:27

HOL is looking SUPERB. :great
Great work guys, a database worthy of the games.

Ash 15 December 2002 09:44

Very nice work definately worth the wait

mtb 15 December 2002 12:03


I have only 1 thing to say: why GIF ??????

If the 2 screenshots contains each one 256 colors, different, the # of colors will be reduced.

PNG is much smaller in size and hasn't got this limitation.

Paul 15 December 2002 12:10

Well done :great

Konrad 15 December 2002 12:19

Very good job you did there guys. Thanks alot.

1) I didn't know that there has been a native version of Abuse.

name of the game = giana sisters
max number of human players = 2
max number of simultaneous players = 1
number of disks = 1


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